If there’s one thing you should know about us, it’s that we LOVE our pom poms ocam 다운로드. Over our weekly Nasty Gal site visit, we found this super cute Lazy Oaf Pom Bomb Denim Shirt … selling at US$99 메리와마녀의꽃 다운로드. And so, as we do, we decided to make it ourselves at a fraction of the cost!



Things you’ll need:
+ An old denim Shirt
+ Pom poms
+ Safety pin // thread and needle  (if you want the option of taking out the pom poms later on)
*I would recommend using fabric glue // E6000 glue that will stick the pom poms onto the fabric FOREVER 마켓 앱 다운로드! (if you want a long term pom pom shirt)

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Step 1: Plan it out 프렌즈런! Lay your pom poms motif out before sticking them on.

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Step 2: Sewing or using safety pins make good alternatives for a short term commitment … BUT if you are planning to jump and party around hard, use fabric glue or E6000 glue Download the game! It’s the best for the pom poms to stay on. Apply the pom poms sparingly or excessively, even going down to the cuffs if you like … The best thing about DIYs is that you are completely in control Download Goddess 2.

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And there you have it – it’s easy 엔젤tv!