As the winter winds blow (and end-of-season sales crop up), here’s a DIY inspired by Hong Kong fashionista, Hilary Tsui‘s favourite wear for the season 카운터스! A bit of goth and grunge, and ultimately beyond chic, we’re proud to introduce the veiled beanie!


Things you will need:
+ Beanie
+ Fur Ball // Pom Poms
+ Net fabric
+ Scissors
+ Thread and needle
+ Adhesive (glue gun)


Step 1: Measure your desired length (according to how much veil you would like to cover your face) and cut out the net fabric Russian dictionary.


Step 2: Gather and sew the top of the net fabric, then sew it onto the beanie g2a 다운로드.


Step 3: Flip the net over (for a clean and fluffier finish) and further secure the net onto the beanie with a quick sew on top 레쓰링 다운로드.


Step 4: Once the netting is secured, use a glue gun to stick on the fur ball xhr 다운로드.


And there you have it Download The Forebrain Electric Virtual On! Ladies, tell him, I woke up like this ‘cos you #flawless.