Who would’ve thought that decorative shoe soles would ever be a trend–and a super cute one at that! This simple cost effective DIY was inspired by TaylorSays’ watermelon shoes, so people can admire not just the top of your shoes, but the bottom as well, which give it an extra POP!

Things you’ll need:
+ High heels
+ Nail polish (the colours depend on what kind of motif you want to create)
+ Nail polish remover
+ Cotton pad (to wipe the sole clean)
+ Black marker + paint brush (both of which are optional depending on your design)


Step1: Clean the sole with nail polish remover and a clean cloth, or a cotton pad–whichever you prefer. (I started with a new pair of pumps)


Step2: Paint over the entire sole with a white nail polish (2 coats for an even finish).


Step3: Leave it to dry–either air dry, or you can use a hair dryer to speed things up–for about 15mins before you start adding in the other colors.


Step4: Coat it with 2/3 coats per color or until the finishing is clean and striking.


Step5: Let it dry overnight before you add on the watermelon seeds–you can use either a dotting tool with black nail polish or a black marker to draw it on.


…and that’s it! Easy, affordable and trés cute! Plus if your shoes were an old pair, they’re now revamped and good as new.

TiC Tip: One nail polish bottle is more than enough to paint the entire sole, so if you already have the colours, you don’t need to get new polishes just to do this DIY! Another great suggestion for the fruit sole would be the Pineapple! Try it out with the nail colours yellow, brown and green. Get painting today!