Want to rock a chic tattoo but need some inspiration?  We’ve rounded up the key ink trends for 2017 from some of KL’s most sought-after artists, and also trawled the net for inspo from artists to celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Cara Delevingne and Rihanna. Check out these tattoo ideas.


#1 Uber Realism

Realism takes a departure from the gory Yakuza technicolour variety, with monochrome looks and cute images.


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#2 Tiny Tatts

Minimalist tiny tattoos are increasingly popular, with stylised symbols, barely there hints of secrets only you know about.





#3 Inner Arm

Ever since Kylie Jenner made a splash with her arm tattoo, sporting her grandmother’s name in her grandfather’s writing, the placement of choice seems to be hidden in the inner side of the upper arm.  

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#4 Under Bust

Rihanna has set the trend with her underbust tattoo, inspiring many an inked gal, including the likes of Lena Dunham.

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#5 Geometric

Simple geometric shapes rule over ink trends as stylised symbols continue to be favoured. 

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#6 Script

Calligraphy and scripts are also popular as people seek to embed meaning into their tattoos.

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