This week on the radar, the fashion community launches rockets, fashion films and books!


Chanel’s Gabrielle Films

Straight after launching a space rocket at the Chanel Fall/Winter 17/18 runway, Karl Lagerfeld, who loves being behind the camera, has teamed up with his favourite comrades: Kristen Stewart, Pharrell Williams, Cara Delevingne and Caroline de Maigret for another slew of new fashion films set to launch in April.


    The films are tied to the launch of the Gabrielle line of bags with KStew as the headliner. See the teasers for each of the films right here. (For artistic content and inspiration of course!)  




DND: Le Prince Charming is Le Sleeping

  Just as the screening of Beauty and the Beast has been delayed in Malaysia due to censorship issues, and while we’re on the topic of fashion films, shoemaker J.M. Weston’s latest short film, which premiered yesterday in Paris stars Omar Sy as an unwakeable Prince Charming. In a contemporary but surrealist setting, Omar’s spirit remains present while actress/dancer Alexia Giordano tries to revive him. With a soundtrack co-produced by rapper Oxmo Puccino and Edouard Ardan, and decor by artist and designer Mathias Kiss, the film is likely to be more fashionable than its Disney counterpart. (Sorry, Emma, we do love you, but that yellow dress should have remained in the anime world, Dior or not.)    




Cara Delevingne, Author?

  And speaking of our Cara Delevingne, the world asks if she’s to be the next JK Rowling. Revealing via Instagram on Tuesday that she’s launching her first young adult novel, her book – “Mirror, Mirror,” will launch in October. In 2015, Cara made it clear she had aspirations beyond modelling, and went on to star in movies such as “Paper Town” and “Suicide Squad.” Now it seems she’s adding ‘author’ to her illustrious resume. ‘Mirror, Mirror’ navigates the treacherous minefield that is high school and relationships, featuring 16-year-old friends Red, Leo, Naima and Rose. The book is already available for pre-order on Amazon’s U.K. site.     


Another pinch me moment!! Announcing my first novel Mirror, Mirror, coming out this October! SO EXCITED !!! Mirror, Mirror is a twisty coming-of-age story about sixteen year old friends Red, Leo, Naima and Rose who are all trying to figure out who they are and navigate the minefield of school and relationships. Until it all changes one day… (que scary music ) I love these characters so much, I love what they stand for, what this story represents. The process of putting this novel together has been life changing and something I hold really close to my heart!! I cannot wait to share with everyone! You can pre-order Mirror, Mirror now by clicking on the link in my bio… lets start one big virtual book club!!! Cause I want us to talk about this time in life, self discovery, friendship, pain, triumph!! Being a teenager!! The experiences that shape YOU! #MirrorMirror A post shared by Cara Delevingne (@caradelevingne) on


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