No one describes Halloween more accurately than Cady Heron (played by Lindsay Lohan) in Mean Girls:


In the real world, Halloween is when kids dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In Girl World, Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total **** and no other girls can say anything else about it.


When it comes to Halloween, we think of all things scary – horror films, visiting haunted houses, and carving sinister faces on pumpkins. But when it comes to girls’ costumes however, it takes a sexy (and raunchy, even) turn.


In the true spirit of Halloween, we listed down the scariest looks you can go trick-or-treating in this year:


#1 Sadako or Kayako


These girls need no introduction. Scary, and very easy to dress up as. Just put on a white shift dress after you wake up, no need to brush your hair or put on make up. For girls with short hair, all you need is a wig.


You’ll make a very convincing Sadako / Kayako.



Image from Neodym Systems


#2 Countess Elizabeth Báthory


Also known as the female Dracula, Countess Elizabeth Báthory was known for torturing and killing 650 virgin girls for their blood. She believed virgin blood could keep her young forever.


For this, you need a dress with elaborate collar and sleeves. Go with maroon and black for this.


Image from Halloween Costumes

Image from Halloween Costumes



#3 Brides of Dracula


In Bram Stoker’s novel, there were three vampire “sisters” in Dracula’s castle. They were about to feast on Jonathan Harker when Dracula interrupted them and saved Jonathan.


Their dressing is not described, but should be something identical to dresses of the Victorian era. Get a simple white shift dress, put on your reddest lipstick, and you’re ready to go.


Don’t forget the fangs!


Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest


#4 Kuchisake-onna


Popularly known as the slit-mouthed woman, this malevolent ghost targets children and either kills them with her scissors, or slits their mouth to be like hers.


It’s all in the make-up for this look. You can check out the tutorial here:




#5 Vengeful Chinese ghost


There are many White Lady ghosts in the West. In Chinese tradition, there’s the vengeful female ghost dressed in red. It is believed that these women died in vain and thus resort to wearing red so that they can come back to haunt their abusers.


Like the Sadako / Kayako costume, you need really messy hair and bad complexion to rock this costume. Replace the white shift with a red dress and you’re set.



Image from Google

Image from Google



#6 Pocong


This is a tough costume to move in, but will definitely scare the living daylights out of everyone. The Pocong is a local folklore ghost wrapped in burial shroud. Due to the tightly tied shroud, they’re forced to jump to move around.


Get a white cloth or blanket, then wrap yourself in it and tie the top bit.


Image from KAORI Nusantara

Image from KAORI Nusantara



#7 Bride of Chucky


Nothing freaks us out more than Chucky’s deranged bride. Think of the evil grin on the little female doll’s face and we shudder in fear.


You’ll need a blonde wig too look like Chucky’s bride. Put on your best biker chick jacket, then go all ‘goth’ on the eye and lips makeup. You’ll look like the perfect partner for the killer doll.


Image from Fanpop

Image from Fanpop



#8 Regan MacNeil


Regan is the possessed child in The Exorcist, who looks pretty scary when she’s her demon self. Her image is used as that scary photo at the end of fake ‘optical illusions’ that turn out to be pranks.


Fake teeth and tonnes of makeup are needed. Here’s a tutorial if you’re really p for it.


We warned you, it’s super scary:



Happy Halloween!




Words by Esther Chung.


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