Suffering with the sniffles after experiencing the major drenching at the Good Vibes Festival was no fun at all! We’re never making the mistake of attending any music festivals during the monsoon season without a poncho or raincoat.

We don’t mean bring those tacky disposable ponchos – we mean to truly, prep in advance for the rain, decked and layered in the most stylish options out there! Which seems like the smartest thing to do, now that Urbanscapes stands to be at least 10 degrees chillier. We’re curated 5 statement raincoats and ponchos we believe are must-haves for the occasion, that are available online, right now. Why, if we could, we would layer ourselves in all of them!


1. Ultimate Festival Parka By Boutique, RM469, Topshop.
2. Festival Rain Metallic Jacket, RM313, ASOS.
3. Daisy Dot Travel Poncho, RM34, Forever 21.
4. Grey Leaf Printed Mac Jacket, RM340, Debenhams.
5. Printed Raincost, RM249, Zara.

We’re so stoked about the recently-mentioned acts coming to town for the festival this December 6th! We can’t wait to see CHVRCHES, and did you hear Local Natives intends to debut new material at Genting itself! Who else do you hope Urbanscapes to bring down this time? And, which raincoat are you eyeing at this very moment? We got our eyes on Zara and ASOS – Love!

Image credit: Forever 21, Zara, ASOS, Topshop, Debenhams