There are days where the best thing to do is to lock our devices away for at least five hours. And then there are days where we use them for our own betterment, a.k.a. – inspiration. If your feed is getting monotonous (who needs to see more perfect selfies and pictures of food so healthy our brains want to explode?), here are some delightful accounts with visually stunning photos and an infectious sense of style and personality. Above all, these feeds have a healing effect, enabling us see a better world – not the one that makes us feel inadequate.


Kelsey Bang


Jake and Kelsey Bang are a married duo who are almost too happy. But they remind us that joy and love exist in the world and should be celebrated with clever outfits, great shots, togetherness and Disneyland.



  London-based fashion, travel & lifestyle blogger Kristabel Plummer’s infectious smile and pretty, happy images belie careful curation and a ruthless sense of colour, composition and balance. She’s the BFF you wish you had, with killer chops too!




Keiko Lynn’s blush-tinged feed inspires us with notions of romantic retro-European escapades. Escape into simpler times, where folks dressed up with a sense of duty. Quel Bonheur!

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  These days just about anyone can style an OOTD, but what if day in and day out, you had to stick to a palette of grey, tan, white and blue (or occasionally blush). Kiara King, who hails from Down Under rises to the challenge. Not only is she real and squeaky clean, her fab-tastic mane represents the lion, while her monochrome surroundings represent the concrete jungle. Hence the moniker: @lioninthewild!


Tal Peleg


Tal Peleg is a genius. Not only does she have amazing brush skills and artistic capability, she draws backwards, recreating full scenes from pop culture… on her eyelids. Tal takes makeup to the next stratosphere with scenes from La La Land and Beauty and the Beast to (our favourite), Stranger Things!

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