Makeup is an art. It’s like painting a portrait – but instead of using a canvas, you’re painting on a face.


And like all art, there’s no right or wrong way. Just like how some of the great artists employ unique techniques to produce a great piece – makeup artists also have their own unorthodox ways to create art.



#1 You need a lot of penises for the perfect contour.


Instagrammer Mimi Duong recently went viral with her sexually explicit contouring technique. She drew a penis on the side of each cheek, one on her nose, and one on each side of her temples. Mimi even applied skin concealer near the tips of the penises in two strokes, resembling ejaculation.


She then blended the products and after a while… looked perfectly gorgeous.


What even.



#2 Lipstick for the eyes.


Apparently, lipsticks are not just for the lips but are also quite useful around the eye. A single layer of red lipstick below some concealer can fully conceal your dark eye circles perfectly. This works as well as a primer.


Don’t believe us? Try it yourself.


Image from Real Beauty Spot

Image from Real Beauty Spot



#3 Get some baby powder onto those lashes.


Baby powder on lashes? That sounds really messy. The trick is to coat your lashes in as much baby powder as you can after two coats of mascara. Don’t stop until your lashes look white or until you look like you have no lashes… whichever comes first. Cover your white lashes with another two coats of mascara.


Hello, full lashes.


Image from Elle

Image from Elle



#4 Who needs highlighters when you have lip balms.


Rumour has it that this is what supermodel and former Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr uses to get that shimmery eye effect. She applies a layer of colourless lip balm around her eyes for that signature Miranda look. Just make sure you’re using an organic product if you’re trying this.




#5 Leave lipstick stains everywhere.


If you tend to look pale and tired when you wake up, like the hag in Sleeping Beauty (because let’s admit, Aurora’s makeup was on point for someone who has slept for a long time), dab some lipstick on your cheeks, eyelids, and lips to look 10 times more alive.


Lipsticks are every girl’s best friend. This proves it.


Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 10.39.35 AM



* * *


Words by Esther Chung.


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