At this point, going green is hardly an alternative lifestyle anymore. When major players in fashion and beauty are recognising that it’s good for business to contribute to a sustainable future, and when the definition of being eco-conscious slowly evolves from marketing gimmickry to a concerted effort to be more responsible to the planet as well as its people (and when eco-friendly label Suno take top honours at the CFDA Awards), you know it’s high time everyone else jumped on board to do their bit. These are the blogs covering fashion and beauty’s green revolution.



The go-to source for “ideas, innovations and emerging trends in eco fashion, sustainable style, organic beauty and ethical apparel,” Ecouterre is where you can learn about everything from the best vegan shoe brands to Nudie Jeans’ recycled rugs and toxic ingredients to avoid in skincare. I also like the interviews with designers and stories on fair trade. Beyond fashion and beauty, you’ll also find reports on clothing-related technology worldwide.



Shannon Dunn founded Eco Beauty Editor in June 2011 after overhauling her life, post-chronic fatigue syndrome. The site is a must-read for any beauty geek who loves their skincare as pure as they are effective, who doesn’t see the point in irritating colourants, fragrances and who avoids unnecessary preservatives like the plague. Bonus recipes for your tummy and your skin await! Want to steer your beauty routine down a greener path? The site’s comprehensive directory of natural beauty brands is a great start to discover what might be your next holy grail skincare line.



What lies beyond Bono’s Edun and high street organic cotton offerings? Eco Fashion is a massive book dedicated to showing the range of companies making a difference in the area of sustainable design and fair trade in for-profit fashion, and busting the myth that sustainable design is bad and boring. The book’s blog introduces the designers within the tome in bite sized blurbs, providing a refreshing look at eco conscious fashion.



The former art director for American Apparel and the editor of the biggest healthcare magazine in the United States join forces to discuss clean, safe, responsible beauty with an increasingly aware audience. But before you think that green beauty is less potent or luxurious, these natural beauty experts will be the first to say they like their skincare and haircare just as effective and pampering as it is kind. Expect news for product launches, candid reviews and interviews with girls who adopt clean, green beauty routines (the latest featured personality, a 23-year-old student, uses a homemade powder with orange peel, neem leaves, rice, green lentils, turmeric and rose petals to clean her face!)



Eco Diva Beauty retails ultraluxe eco skincare, make-up and bath & body products from brands like Tata Harper, Dr. Alkaitis, Kjaer Weis and Alima Pure. But their blog goes further, talking runway beauty trends, good-for-skin food and eco fashion to check out. We have to admit, the site – with its early 2000’s white text on black desperately calls for a redesign, but for now, we’ll keep reading to be updated on choice eco beauty solutions.