The beauty world on YouTube is blooming and conquering the YouTube scene by storm. Since attending make-up classes can be costly, why not come aboard the tech savvy train and learn make-up tips and tricks through YouTube make-up artists instead! Here are some of them YouTube MUAs we are currently tuning in to!

1. Lisa Eldridge

Lisa’s channel:

Working for a vast number of celebrities, fashion magazines, top photographers, Lisa Eldridge’s channel is loaded with regular everyday looks, fancy party looks as well as basic make-up techniques. Her experience from the runway, red carpet, editorials and personal makeup really translates to knowing what textures, colours and formulas allow viewers at home to achieve the looks. We love her to the point, narration and clear videos. Lisa’s even managed to make the very editorial red eyeshadow look non-theatrical and easy to achieve. Don’t forget to check out her blog for a lesson in makeup history. With her simple step-by-step tutorials, applying make-up has never been easier!

2. Elle and Blair Fowler

Elle’s channel:

Blair’s channel:

Elle and Blair are sisters who make beauty videos on YouTube under the name Allthatglitters21 (Elle) and Juicystar07 (Blair). Elle was the first to start making videos on Youtube and later convinced Blair to join the YouTube beauty community too. Blair was actually known as the youngest make-up artist at the New York Fashion Week back in 2011. Both having their own personality, with Blair being the more bubbly one, these two sisters are a real joy to watch especially for younger girls who are just starting to get into make-up. Their videos vary from tutorials, product reviews, haul, make-up organizations to OOTDs. Both Elle and Blair have come a long way ever since they started making videos on YouTube, they are currently working on their very own make-up line, Skylark and book titled “Beneath the Glitter”, both releasing this Fall. So, both of these girly girls should definitely be your pick if you are up for some serious girly tips!

3. Samantha Maria

Sammi’s channel:

Better known as BeautyCrush on YouTube, this adorable British sweetheart is of English, Guyanese and Chinese descent (how unique!). As a fashion student herself, Sammi displays a lot of her personal style in her OOTD videos as well as in her tutorials. Her videos also feature tutorials of different celebrity looks, looks of her own, fashion trends, styling tips, hairstyles and product reviews. From her edgy style to her British accent, Sammi’s videos will certainly draw you in!

4. Michelle and Promise Phan

Michelle’s channel:

Michelle Phan is one of YouTube’s most well-known beauty personalities. Her tips and tutorials range from basic ones like a five-minute face tutorial to a wild look, like her Tim Burton and Lady Gaga inspired transformation. Her position as a beauty star on YouTube remains ambiguous as some may either love her or even dislike her. In spite of that, she is certainly one of the YouTube make-up mavens to watch for! (even though her strange and frequent deaths of pets do scare us a little) And, she does get plus points for having a calm and serene voice in her videos.

Promise’s channel:

Michelle Phan’s sister-in-law, Promise, is like the Houdini of make-up, as she is best known for her outrageous costume make-up. Every transformation that you could ever think of, chances are, she’d probably done it before. This phenomenal make-up magician has made herself look like Angelina Jolie, Kate Middleton, Justin Bieber and the list goes on. Promise’s change of looks are spot-on most of the time because she does genuinely look like the person she transformed as. To see how she does her magic, head on over to her channel!

5. Marlena

Marlena’s channel:

Another huge make-up guru on YouTube is Marlena a.k.a Makeupgeek. Full of talent and great personality, she does various sorts of breathtaking colour creations. She even had series of looks inspired by soda cans! Who would have thought of that! This professional make-up artist also recently released her own make-up line available on her website This makeupgeek (her username says it all!) will surely entertain you with her wonderful channel!

6. Wayne Goss

Wayne’s channel:

Going under the name Gossmakeupartist on YouTube, this talented male make-up star started his relationship with make-up at the age of twenty when he suffered from severe acne. An extreme passion for make-up drove him to start posting videos on YouTube a few years back. Even though he doesn’t cake himself in cosmetics-at his height and build he claims it would look ridiculous, Wayne thinks women around the world would appreciate his honest approach in telling them what to wear on their faces. Although,it may be weird for some to watch make-up tips from a dude, but hey, look on the bright side -his make-up techniques are really good! Plus, his short and to-the-point videos makes him a make-up guru worth watching! Oh and did we mention he unlocks the secret to Kim K’s cheekbones?

7. Julie Gutierrez

JulieG’s channel:

JulieG is known as the typical “girl next door” make-up guru. Her happy-go-lucky charm and upbeat personality in her videos is what makes her videos enjoyable other than watching her create gorgeous dramatic looks. JulieG does colourful make-up most of time, so, for those make-up junkies who want to step it up a notch, head over to her channel! Also, nail art lovers would adore this YouTube sweetheart as she does a marvelous job at creating edgy nail designs (trust us, it’s really really good!). Her weekly segment called “Fashion Friday” is another reason why you should go on over and watch her!

8. Tanya Burr

Tanya’s channel:

This British make-up maven expresses make-up in an effortless way. Her make-up looks are easy and, yet truly transforming! She does celebrity inspired looks and trendy looks that are very appealing. She even did a look inspired by Kate Middleton (the dutchess would be so proud!). To discover fabulous beauty secrets on how to get the perfect glow for the summer and some other beauty secrets, Tanya’s channel is just a click away!

9. Nikkie

Nikkie’s channel:

Another beauty within the beauty world is this young (she’s only seventeen!) and talented make-up connoisseur, Nikkie. Her tutorials are the definition of dramatic make-up. It would be very suitable for fashion shoots or even halloween since most of the looks are costume make-up! One of her latest creations was a look inspired by the Hunger Games (check it out above),which was surely an extraordinary look. Nikkie’s channel is heaven for those who have a flare for costume make-up. She’s definitely a make-up guru to look out for!

10. Christine “Jasmine” Nguyen

Christine’s channel:

Using mostly drugstore products and inexpensive products in her tutorials, Christine a.k.a Xteener creates various gorgeous and wearable looks from it. Since she’s of Asian heritage (she’s Asian, yay!), Christine can certainly guide us Asians better with make-up -from her skin tone to mono eye lids. If you’re looking to recreate make-up looks with cheap and affordable products, then we have found the right make-up guru for you!

Which YouTube beauty maven would you want to watch?