Introducing KL’s latest exciting addition, Kenanga Wholesale City. Located off Jalan Hang Tuah in downtown Kuala Lumpur, this 500,000 sq ft building is retail happiness to all Malaysians.

With more than 800 shops spread over 6 floors, it may seem daunting at first but fret not, here’s a handy dandy guide to Malaysia’s first and biggest fashion wholesale mall.

Kenanga Wholesale City

One of the first thing you need to look out for is this sign.

Displayed on every store’s entrance is the sticker of whether they’re open for wholesale businesses only or for regular shoppers too. This saves up time and reduces the hassle of going into a store to see a dress you like only to find out you’re only allowed to purchase if you get 5 pieces and above.

If you’re there for an early head start, there is a Halal and Non-Halal food court located on the 15th floor and 7th floor respectively.

Non Halal food court

Ideally, we would suggest starting from the lowest floor first which is LG then slowly work your way up. With women’s fashion dominating most of the mall –  over five levels, from LG to 3 – it’s obvious who the target demographic is. Yet men is well-represented too with apparel spread across three levels, and four dedicated floors of fashion accessories. Traditional wear is also found over two levels. There’s even a factory outlet and exhibition space on the uppermost level, the 15th floor.

Now, the obvious comparison begs to be asked. We’ve all either been or heard about Bangkok’s infamous Platinum Mall and being a big fan ourselves, we’ve decided to put the mall to the test. Can Kenanga City challenge Platinum in the wholesale shopping stakes?

This is after all a wholesale mall so we’d expect prices to be more competitive compared to shops outside. T-shirts and other apparel are going as low as RM5 and as is the rule of wholesale malls, the more you buy, the bigger the discount. Keep in mind though, you get what you pay for so the RM10 shirt might seem like a good buy now but may seem otherwise after the first wash.

Accessories are spread out over four floors – level 3A to 7

With over 800 shops, there’s bound to be something for everyone. We saw a good enough variety for the guys and unlike Sungei Wang, some of the shops here do have sizes and didn’t expect us to fit into that teeny size S top. We wouldn’t say the selection here is comparable to Platinum Mall, mainly because Platinum also houses local designers so there’s more than the generic made-in-China clothes, but we do see a potential for Kenanga Mall. Some of the stores that caught our attention were Rolls that carried imported Korean clothes and Notting Hill that had a good range of bags and accessories. Also, don’t brush off Kenanga if you think they’re all cheap and of poor-quality because there are also dresses going for RM800 a pop, which looked pretty decent.

Rolls Level LG

One thing that I must point out is the decor. Most of the stores are very well decorated with proper panelling, wall art and furniture. It felt like a decor-curated space that held all the clothing. It was a pleasant experience as one would normally think of cramped and tiny narrow spaces when it comes to wholesale shopping. Another  bit that would excite all bubble tea enthusiasts is that there are bubble tea booths on almost every floor. From Chatime to Share Tea to Each a Cup, you’d be spoilt for choice.

Traditional Muslim wear can be seen on level 3A and 5

Men’s fashion can be found across 3 floors – level LG, G and 3

Although the selection is not as good as Platinum Mall (but then is there any?), Kenanga Mall is definitely still worth a visit. Occupancy isn’t full yet so you might want to wait a bit if you want to make your trip worthwhile but if you visit now, parking is still free!

Kenanga Wholesale City
8.01, Kompleks Kenanga Wholesale City,
Jalan Gelugor, Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur