Mega-palettes often solicit two opposing reactions – rejoice or recoil. Few brands have succeeded in making value for money mega-palettes attractive the way Sephora has. Very often, Sephora’s palettes wear as well as they look. Sephora has shown how a little effort in curation goes a long way into making these palettes appeal to collectors, makeup newbies, makeup artists and even some makeup snobs. They are definitely less daunting on newbies than the giant Coastal Scents palettes the makeup geek subculture love.

The latest addition to the series of limited edition mega-palettes is the Pret-A-Porter Palette. It comes with six mini palettes and a case that you can snap each mini palette into to create a ready-to-wear palette.

Each mini palette contains four eyeshadows, two lip colours (mostly glosses) and one blush. The colour payoff was generally good and the colourways were quite spot on. The metallic, satin and matte shadows went on well. However, some of the shadows with heavy glitter didn’t swatch as well with too little glitter transferring to skin.

Have a look at the swatches from the palette below.


Swatching and photo assistance: Liyana Sobri