The humble matt or matte eyeshadow often get, pun intended, overshadowed by their glitzier counterparts. They are the unsung heroes of any train case. They create depth and perform many of the tricks in the makeup trade.

If you work in a very codified corporate environment (read: no colored nails), then you’ll know how important it is to have some good matt eyeshadows at hand. Or if you’ve been pondering on the secret to a ‘no makeup’ eye look, then you too need to check out matt eyeshadows.

We’ve swatched two matt eyeshadow palettes. Both awesome in their own way. Read on!


Too Faced Matte Eye 

Too Faced Matte Eye RM128

If you are new to matt eyeshadows, have no fear! This palette comes with the three standard instruction cards that have become synonymous with Too Faced palettes. We’ve tried them and they are generally foolproof. You may need to adjust the depth or position of the crease colour to the shape of your eyes.

Matt eyeshadow formulas can be tough to get right. Even well known cosmetic brands often end up with chalky formulas with poor colour payoff. Too Faced have outdone themselves with this palette as all nine shadows are soft enough to deliver even application. The colour payoff is good too.

Price: RM128

Availability: Sephora nationwide

Colours in order of the palette:

  • Tufted Suede – soft tan
  • Chincilla – light warm brown
  • Coffee Bean – dark brown
  • Velveteen Bunny – ivory
  • Pebbles – grey
  • London Fog – deep blue
  • Fresh Linen – pale pink
  • Vintage Violet – violet mauve
  • Midnight – charcoal grey

Too Faced Matte Eye Shadow Palette Swatches



The Balm Meet Matt(e) 

The Balm Meet Matt(e) RM99

The Balm’s Meet Matt(e) features nine eyeshadows This is extremely lightweight and compact palette fits right in the palm of your hand. Unlike Too Faced’s Matte Eye Palette, Meet Matt(e) does not come with instruction cards or have a pre-matched highlighter-lid-crease colour sets. Some users prefer this to the fixed combinations in the Too Faced palette.

However, the colour payoff is equally fantastic and each pan contains about 70% of what a full size eyeshadow from The Balm will give you. The textures are smooth and goes on skin quite evenly. The formula is slightly firmer than Too Faced’s Matte Eye Palette but the colour payoff is comparable. This palette leans towards neutral tones.

The Balm Meet Matt(e)

Price: RM 99

Availability: SaSa outlets (except IOI Mall Puchong and Aeon Mall Bukit Raja Klang)


  • Matt Smith – light warm beige
  • Matt Gallagher – medium brown
  • Matt Ramirez – dark brown with red – grey undertones (more neutral on skin than it appears in pan)
  • Matt McDonald – blue-grey (this has a very light satin sheen maybe due to the formula)
  • Matt Horowitz – blue – purple, a touch bluer than ‘concrete’ shades
  • Matt Chung – pale pink – white, much lighter on skin than in pan
  • Matt Batali – deep eggplant with a touch of burgundy
  • Matt Schilling – teal – grey
  • Matt Patel – mauve – grey with a touch of brown

The Balm Meet Matt(e) Swatches


Image editing: Karen Wong

Photos by Sharina Sharin and Too Faced.