Let’s not kid ourselves, the early breed of BB creams felt more like a fad than a staple. It had an uncomfortably thick texture and the claims of colour adjusting properties held as much water as a sieve. After all, how often did you have to tell your grey-faced friends their BB creams were making them look like fashion victims?

As much as we saw potential in the product, it was hard to get past the poor colour selection and texture. That is also the reason why we are so excited about the new generation of BB creams that have made their way to makeup counters this year.

We like what we see because for the first time, BB creams have been formulated well enough to be a staple with mass appeal. Seasoned international cosmetics brands are now also getting into the game. Meanwhile, brands with an existing line up have revamped their formulas and increased colour offerings.

BB creams are different from tinted moisturisers because they offer better redness and blemish coverage without the opacity of a full coverage foundation – something tinted moisturisers and lighter foundations are unable to do. If these new formulas are any indication, the BB cream may become a staple third option after the tinted moisturiser and foundation.