When you think Shu Uemura, you think falsies. Google Shu Uemura, your first page hits all have to do with avant garde eye makeup. Which is why it was particularly startling to get invited to an exclusive event organised to educate its guests about their most renowned products that didn’t include fake eyelashes. Click to read more about Shu Uemura’s Iconic 5 – their 5 best-selling products.

Last week, Joyce and I went to a shu uemura event that aimed to revisit their iconic 5, a selection of beauty products that completely represent the brand’s philosophy of creating cutting-edge and high performance beauty. We basically went back to school to attend a 101 class on shu uemura!

We even had our own individual workstations 😉

1. Cleansing Oil

Accredited Artist and Chief Make-up Artist for Shu Uemura Malaysia, Frederick Ng, kickstarted the talk with the cleansing oil. Launched in 1960 as Uemura’s first cosmetic product, it is now iconized as the cleanser that moisturizes the skin despite cleaning better than any soap. Today there are six different shu oil cleansers that cater to different types of skin needs. It’s so popular, a bottle is sold every 20 seconds worldwide.

The key to cleansing is emulsifying. And while that might sound a little tedious, you get used to it, and you’ll come to realise that it really does make your skin immediately smooth.

What you do is, press two to three pumps of the oil onto a dry palm, and massage it to a dry face. Then emulsify it with a little bit of water at least three times. This will turn the oil into a milky froth that’ll wash right off without leaving any traces of oil!

After Frederick showed us, we had to each try doing it for ourselves. I made such a mess – water on the floor, table top and everything!

2. Deepsea Water Mist

After we were done cleansing our face, Frederick asked us to spritz our faces with all 9 scents of the Shu Uemura deepsea water mist! Sourcing its ingredients from deep seawater from the coast of Cape Muroto, the deapsea water refreshes, hydrates, energizes and replenishes the skin of all its necessary nutrients on the go!

3. UV Under Base

After all the skin cleansing, Frederick introduced us to the Shu Uemura UV Under Base. It’s this mousse-like foam that firms the skin, and tightens the pores to create a perfectly smooth canvas right before applying makeup. If you’re not into heavy makeup, it’s slightly tinted to even out skin tones, so you needn’t even use foundation!

As Frederick demonstrated, you’re supposed to shake the can of foam,  and squeeze out an amount the size of a 50 cent coin at a 90 degree angle. 

Take half of what was squeezed out to apply bit by bit on your face, starting with the cheeks, chin, nose, forehead, and eye area. Whatever you have remaining should go on the neck. This ensures an even distribution.

4. Eyelash Curler

Next came the eyelash curler which I know most of you about already. But I now know the secret behind the curler! It’s perfectly measured and designed to ensure optimum curling that lasts without crimping the lashes unnaturally.

Accredited Artist Lavynia Tam says the secret to fully utilizing the tool is to make sure you’ve got the curler to fit the root of your lashes before applying pressure.

5. Hard Formula Eyebrow Pencil

Last but not least on the Iconic 5 list, it’s beautifully sharpened into a naginata Japanese sword to draw thin lines of natural precision for more defined eyebrows.

The cool thing about the eyebrow pencil is that it only releases colour pigment upon interaction with the oils in the brow lines. That means you’ll never need to fear making any mistakes and look unnatural.

We were shown, then asked to sharpen the pencil for ourselves. Not an easy task I tell you – there are just so many specific methods to follow to get perfect symmetry! After we tried (and failed), the artists helped us, then told us the next time we want to sharpen the pencils, buyers can take it to any Shu Uemura outlet.

We got to bring home our self-sharpened pencils, UV Under Base and eyelash curlers home, but I was so completely blown away by all the products we were exposed to, that I ended up buying the cleansing oil and deepsea water too!

To make an appointment to meet the Accredited Artists to try out any of the iconic 5 for yourself, call:
Shu Uemura @ Midvalley, 03-2287 1764
Shu Uemura @ One Utama, 03-7727 5023 


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