It’s been said that being eco-friendly is a lifestyle, and not something that can be picked up and ignored as wished. In an extension of this philosophy, many beauty brands have not only addressed ways to make their creams, soaps and cosmetics eco-friendly, but also the packaging that they come in. Today, we take a look at some of the best sustainably packaged goodies currently available in the market.

Pangea Organics

Great skincare starts with great ingredients, and Pangea Organics includes the highest quality antioxidant nutrients, EFA-rich oils, and nourishing plant botanicals in all its products. This company has a heart of gold. It is committed to organic, fair-trade materials, as well as never testing on animals. But what captured my attention was its fantastic little bar soap carton, moulded to fit the slab of soapy goodness. Then I found out that all its packaging – including the cool dark cocoa brown bottles that protect light-sensitive ingredients – is made from post-consumer waste materials and is meant to be biodegradable or recyclable for later. How brilliant!


Famously (or infamously) known as the shop you can smell before you see, UK’s Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics creates beautiful, scent-loaded concoctions – everything from soaps to face creams and aftershaves to perfumes. A nifty product that’s more out there is the Toothy Tabs, teeth cleansers that come in a little tablet. Vegan and preservative free, these are meant to be crunched up between your front teeth and brushed with a wet toothbrush, just like regular toothpaste. But unlike regular toothpaste, they come in recyclable cardboard boxes, ending the need for plastic tubes once and for all.

Lush also has a programme where you can swap five of its empty black tubs (the ones used to store masks, scrubs and creams) for a face mask. According to its Facebook page, this will be implemented at the Singapore branch soon, so start saving up those tubs!

Nature Republic

Eco warriors are in for a thorough beauty treat. Recycled cardboard boxes hold the Korean brand’s Better Than Nature five-piece line. In it, you’ll find floral extracts certified by Eco Cert such as calendula, sunflower seeds, rose sap, and willow herbs, among others. Moreover,  sensitive skin types will love that the vegan products are made without parabens, synthetic dyes, alcohol, silicone, propolyne glycol and petrolatum.

Cargo Cosmetics

A brand known for its creativity and innovation, Cargo Cosmetics makes hi-tech colour cosmetics that win awards and the hearts of make-up artists everywhere. Its best eco-friendly packaging has got to be the Foundation Pouch – an ultra-lightweight squeeze pouch that allows you to get to every last drop of the product, that is also great for travel. Bulky glass containers are so 2000 and late.

Did your favourites make the cut?



Image credits: Mission-sustainable, flauntme, piercemattiepublicrelations, naturerepublic, eyeadorebeauty