We’re right back to whitening serums because who doesn’t want flawlessly clear and radiant skin? Or is that just me? This time around, we take a look at Lierac’s new Luminescence serum, which is said to not only restore luminosity to your skin, but add a touch of youthfulness to it as well. Since Lierac claims to be one of the leader in skincare treatment-based cosmetics, we were only too excited to see the results!

Lierac Paris Luminescence Serum Illuminating Serum Complexion Corrector


– Helps reactivate light reflection
– Diminishes the appearance of pigments, spots and redness
– Helps refine the skin’s texture
– Smoothes and evens out skin

– Detoxifying chromo-complex 3.25%
– Smoothing botanical extract
– Illuminating pearly particles

Price: RM298

Size: 30ml

Availability: Robinsons @ The Gardens Mall & Sephora outlets nationwide

Shelf life (once opened): 6 months

Directions: The lightweight, iridescent milky serum is delicately scented with subtle notes of wild rose, fruit jasmine and sweet amber. Apply morning and/or night, throughout the year. TIP: Apply three drops of this serum before your regular skin care product or mixed with your day cream, night cream, serum or foundation to reveal ideal luminosity and divine-looking skin.


Definite props for bottle design because the second I took it out of its packaging and saw its iridescent pearly glow, my girly instincts went off. I don’t know about you guys, but I am a sucker for all things shiny. The formula even has tiny gold dust particles that reflect light perfectly after application! Its consistency is on the watery side, which makes it great for spreading over your face and doesn’t dry out your skin like some thicker formulas might. It also doesn’t leave any oily or sticky residue on your face, leaving your face feeling fresh and light.

As for whitening, results were only visible after about one and a half – 2 weeks of use, and was actually quite obvious since I didn’t apply the product to the back of my neck and was left with a line of contrast between my usual skin tone and the newly lightened one. One thing I wasn’t too keen on was the smell, because it reminded of mens cologne, which is great if your boyfriend wears it, but not when your whole face smells like it.

Overall, I liked this. Just remember that if you end up going to buy a bottle for yourself, to apply to the back of your neck instead of just the front!