We’ve been receiving a whole lot of news on skincare products made from bird’s nest lately. Because of this, we couldn’t help but notice what a hoot they’ve become with women in KL. If you’re going to go for anything, might as well go big – Nutox happens to be the pioneer of bird’s nest skincare products – tested and proven from years of research, Nutox has shown successful results with its anti-ageing beauty products. It’s no wonder these products have gone absolutely viral!


This season, Nutox has improved its bird’s nest collagen cleansers, serums and creams to double its original standards! Enforcing twice the amount of nutrients from premium bird’s nest that helps promote cellular regeneration, improve skin conditions and prevent visible signs of ageing throughout the years and honestly, we’re keen on trying it out for ourselves.


With this in mind, Nutox’s day and night cleansing routine includes a variety of products in which individuals have the option to select from for their type of skin – be it oily, dry or combination skin, Nutox aims to provide the whole regenerating package for every woman to experience the benefits of their bird’s nest formulas.





What’s your skin type? And are you ready for the bird’s nest anti-ageing regime and experience?

Nutox products are available at all Guardian and Watsons outlets. For more information, visit its Facebook page and/or website.


Image credit: Nutox Oxyfusion