This whole Bieber fever phenomenon is pretty insane, you have to admit. He got everyone I know forgetting about their annoyance with the JoBros and Robert Pattinson, and if it’s impossible to even feel nonchalant about a personality, you know you’ve hit levels of pandemonium. So quite understandably, he’s begun to milk his cash cow celebrity. This Friday, I’d like to know if you’d wear nails designed by Justin Bieber. Click to see the collection after the jump!

Generally, we all scoff any sort of celebrity endorsements or entrepreneurship. And it’s understandable why – just because Kate Moss can throw on consecutive iconic outfits, doesn’t necessarily mean she knows how to design and stitch. Just because we’re fans of Jack Black, doesn’t mean we’d particularly like to smell like him.

But I’ll tell you one thing – that Justin Bieber is managed by one smart cookie. His line of nail polish caters very appropriately to his fan base, while tastefully prescribing what he’d like to see them wear. It’s all very heavy on the glitter, but it’s still appropriate – for some reason I’d much rather see tweens with glittery nail polish than makeup and skinnies. Mums will definitely also approve a line under OPI

And you’ve got to admit – a nail polish collaboration is pretty darn respectable and buzzworthy on Bieber’s part.

What say you? Would you have your nails Justin Bieber-approved?


[Photo Credits: emmagem, zimbio]