Bangs are high maintenance, anyone with them will tell you that. The breakouts, the greasy hair and most annoying of all – the need to trim it every two to three weeks. While getting them trimmed at the salon would be ideal, sometimes you just gotta grab a pair of scissors and do it yourself.

Step 1: Blow dry your hair straight and flat. This makes it easier for you to see if you’re cutting your bangs right, and by right I mean straight.


Step 2: Section off your bangs from your hair using pins or hair ties. You don’t want any strays getting in the way.

Step 3: Divide your bangs into three sections. You can use the pointy end of a teasing comb for this.


Step 4: Starting with the middle section, use your fingers to hold it up. Then with your scissors, trim the bangs from an angle. Handy tip: always cut your hair from an angle, preferably 45°. Never cut it horizontally, it’s a recipe for embarrassingly crooked bangs, especially if your scissors is blunt. Believe me, I know it all too well.

Step 5: Moving to the next section, grab a bit of the middle section along with it to be used a gauge and continue snipping away.


Step 6: Divide your bangs into three again. This time pinch the hair together and twist it upwards. Snip it again at an angle. Repeat the process with the other sections. This layers it and gives it a more natural look.


Step 7: Lastly, comb your bangs through and cut off any uneven strands. Dust off the hair from your face and your done, kacang putih!

Don’t worry if you mess up, you can always go to a professional to get it fixed. They probably will have to shorten your bangs, but hey, short baby bangs are so hot right now!