Today, Junk‘s Managing Editor (@Sarchan) read my tweet on how I’m loving red eye shadow and exclaimed at how does one pull off wearing red eyeshades on a day-to-day basis. Instead of answering her, I jumped off my chair, walked towards her seat, thrust my face right in front of hers and closed my eyes. I wasn’t launching a sleepwalking attack; I was simply trying to convince her that wearing red eye shadow outside a masquerade/costume party/club is possible. Possible enough even for the office.

This is awesome but more for girls with big beautiful eyes

If you’re handy with makeup tools, then this should be easy peachy, otherwise you’ll have to resort to my technique.

A poster of Sympathy of Lady Vengeance, a movie by Park Chan-Wook.

Ok, to be honest my eye shadow wasn’t really blood red or startling crimson, it was a shade between maroon and purple (which is hard to tell from the picture below), but I have done red before and it has convinced me that with the right shading, you can have red eyes without looking like you just watched a marathon of  “The Notebook”, “My Sister’s Keeper” and “Bambi”. The trick is to lined the lash-line with eyeliner and always have mascara on – no matter what eye shadow shade you have on.

Here’s a tutorial on how to apply red eye makeup by Pursebuzz. I wish I could try to convince you a hands-on tutorial but I’m a bad teacher and you might be instantly put off even before you try it.

In all seriousness, a makeup artist once told me that just as long as you pick a shade that suits your skintone and you’re comfortable with it, anyone can pull off almost any colour in the spectrum!

Would you wear red eyeshadow or do you think this should be left to the blood suckers or girls who are aiming for that “I cry myself to sleep look”?

Image credit: Cosmetic Candy ; Style Symmetry ; The Fashion Spot

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