Call it a good or bad thing, but we’ve never experienced a more scattered Halloween – with the festivities having started last Friday, the invites continue to roll in for parties to this week’s end. If you’ve already been seen trick or treating in your all-out costumed best, here’s a great simple, last-minute beauty solution. All you need is some lace!


Things you will need:
+ A strip of lace
+ Scissors
+ A rubberband
+ Eyeshadow


Step One: Use all your basics; primer, foundation, powder and such, to give yourself the usual flawless look.

Step Two: Cut your lace according to the design and pattern you want. Make sure it is long enough to wrap around your face.


Step Three: Tie the lace tightly across your eyes to make it look like a mask. Make sure it is tight and secure, and will not move when pressed on or touched. Secure it with rubber bands at the back to ensure it is tight.

Step Four: Use a make-up sponge and eyeshadow. You can either use the eyeshadow straight from the jar, or scrap it out onto a flat surface to make it easier. Dab the sponge onto the eyeshadow and then on top of the lace. Make sure you are aware of the areas you are dabbing on to ensure you cover the parts you need to, to make it look like a mask. The trick is to go over it twice to make sure it looks more solid.

Step Five: Gently remove the lace. This part is a little tricky as you might mess up the whole look if you are not careful. Make sure you do it gently and fast. Once you have removed it, use a make-up remover to wipe off the excess eyeshadow that may have dropped on your face.


Step Six: Work on the rest of your make-up and you’re done! You can do anything you want, but I went for a classic gold and black smokey eye accompanied by dark red lips for a more elegant sophisticated look.

The possibilities with this is endless! You can do your lace mask to suit any outfit, with any colour! You can even have fun with it and try on several colours as well.