For us ladies, we know all too well the pain of the growing-your-hair-out process. We celebrate the liberty that short haircuts give us, and then long for our long hair back when it starts culminating in The Awkward Hair Stage, where the length of your hair is neither here nor there. You know what we mean – where it tickles your neck, and it’s long enough to irritate you, yet not long enough to be tied up into a ponytail of some sort. Having experienced it ourselves, allow us to give you some pointers on how to handle unruly tresses, with the help of our fave celebs!

Carey Mulligan

Gifted with sharp jawline and beautiful cheekbones, Carey Mulligan’s initial debut of her pixie cut was greeted with much aplomb and a cherry on top. In growing her hair out, Mulligan has avoided the aforementioned awkward hair stage by intertwining her fringe into delicate fishtail braids away from her face. The very basic of hair braids would work in keeping your hair to some form of order.

Emma Watson

Oh, how Emma Watson devastated the world when she chopped off her gorgeous wavy mane after the final installation of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. However she’s in the midst of growing out her extremely short pixie cut and it has been tastefully cut into a bob that frames her face with some straightening product to ensure no unruly flyaways.

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung makes everything she does look so unbelievably effortless that sometimes it would be easy for us to bear a grudge against her, but who are we kidding – we love the girl. Hair of that length would make the rest of us look like washed out mops, but being Alexa Chung, she grows it out in her typical messy-chic look, only with more texture and volume to it, and a slight change of colour.

Dianna Agron

Dianna Agron likes to remind us that even though she looks like just another pretty face, she has a lot more spunk and attitude than we give her credit for. We reckon that it’s that drive that sent her to her hairdresser’s to chop her long blonde locks off. In growing out her hair, she has adapted the same technique that Alexa Chung has – looking as if she had just rolled out of bed – but with more layers added to it so it doesn’t look too flat or weighed down.

Tavi Gevinson

Probably the most successful young fashion blogger out there, Tavi Gevinson has earned her the spotlight in many a fashion house with her sense of ethics and boldness in fashion. She had previously adapted a headful of blond hair cut into a bob, and has since grown it out into long, slightly wavy brunette locks. Chopping off her bangs’ length by at least half, she has managed to inject a youthful look to her face; food for thought for the bold amongst us!


Text by: Sue Lynn