We’ve seen our fair share of trends and fads but one thing sticks when it comes to the holiday season: the ubiquitous and quintessential bold red lip. Nothing screams “I’m ready to party” louder than a poppin’ lip colour.

However, finding the right shade of crimson can be as daunting as finding the perfect pair of jeans. Here are some quick handy tips to help you pick out the perfect one.

For Fair Skin

+ Go for cherry reds which contrast against fair skin, making them pop.
+ Try raspberry shades which complement and warms up cool pink undertones.
+ Check out brick reds which are super flattering on fair skin.

TiC Picks: 3CE‘s Water Gloss in Spicy Red.


For Medium Tanned Skin

Deep blood reds are definite show stopper on olive skin
+ Give orange-red hues a try. The colour goes best with warm complexions.
+ Match your lipstick to your drink for the night and go with wine reds.

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For Deep Tanned Skin

+ Experiment with tangerine! The bold colour will really stand out against your deep toned skin.
+ Blessed with cool undertones, play around with blue-based reds!
+ Test out tomato reds with yellow undertones to give your lips depth.
TiC Picks: Laneige x Play No More Intense Lip Gel in Royal Red

Already have your perfect shade of red? Here’s how to achieve the bold red lip in 3 steps.


Image credit: Tongue in Chic