There are seven basic types of facial shapes, each carrying the weight of concerns and insecurities with them. The trick to determining your face shape is simple – using your hairline and jaw line as a reference, you gauge whether the general shape of your face is wide, average or narrow. Note that none of these measurements are terribly flattering or complimentary. And so there are hair cuts, eyebrow shapes, make-up tips and tricks to mask the features you aren’t particularly proud of.


In addition to that, there’s the double chin, puffiness and baby fat to worry about – and apparently, Asian women are more susceptible to these. Essentially, we’re genetically engineered to have bigger fat pockets on the face, which easily causes unrefined and un-contoured facial features. The causes vary, but essentially, it all boils down to the localization of fat tissue, poor circulation of fluids which causes the face to swell, and the quality of skin – upon losing its firmness, the skin loses its ability to maintain its definition.

While I have an oval facial shape, I can relate. My face is always the first place to spot weight loss or gain, and if I’m not generally aware of a camera (i.e. minding my angles), chances are, it’s going to be one unflattering photograph. So what’s a girl to do?


She gets herself a skincare range that targets her concerns. Clarins Shaping Facial Lift range essentially limits the volume of fatty tissues to define the face. For the youngins, it drains the baby fat you still have at 23, as it targets facial contours that have lost its firming and refining qualities.

The formula is powered to help eliminate fat, drain puffiness and define facial features, while its method specifically targets five facial fatty pockets (two in the cheeks, two under the jaw and another under the chin) to optimise fat release. Together, they promote good lymphatic and blood circulation to essentially release toxins and fats from the skin, as it prevents water retention –promoting better defined facial contours, refined features, brighter skin with a visibly younger-looking lift. All this in a regime that takes less than three minutes!


Within two weeks, regardless of your facial shape, enjoy your perfect V-shape contour from every angle, at any time.

For more information on the Clarins Shaping Facial Lift range, its ingredients and how it works, click here. To try the range out for yourself, visit your nearest Clarins Skin Spa or counter to pick up a sample today. For more information, click here.

Image credit: courtesy of Clarins