While your eyes may be the windows to your soul (pardon the cheesy phrase), we also believe that equal treatment should be given to the next most important feature of your face, according to us anyway, your lips. There is a tendency for people to stare at your lips whilst you speak, so we reckon that you probably wouldn’t want them to stare at flaking pieces of skin on your chapped lips. Best way to beat that? Invest in a good lip balm. Here, we share our favourites, and explain why.

FRESH Sugar Lip Balm

Known for its cult followers behind its products, the FRESH Sugar Lip Balm treats chapped lips just like it should, and it isn’t a sticky muck on your lips, so no worries about your hair being overtly attracted to your lips. A plus point presents itself with the metal casing so you know that it can take a good beating, and it’s always great to have a secure hold on the tube. On the downside however, there has been incidents where it has the tendency to melt a little if it’s placed under high temperatures, so be sure to always keep it away from the sun!

Editor-in-Chief Jia-Wei says: I’ve been using this lip balm for more than two years now, and I find that once it has been applied, there is no need for reapplication because it lasts all day! Also, it has SPF, which everyone knows is basically a must now, since we’re always lingering around in the sun.

Price and availability: FRESH Sugar Lip Balm is available at all Sephora outlets nationwide, and is priced at RM 65 per tube.

Hada Labo Lip Moisturiser

While the name Hada Labo will bring about rave reviews of its Super Hyaluronic Acid Moistuzing Lotion, we’d like to give credit to its less famous sibling – the lip moisturizer. A complete opposite from the Sleek Makeup Pout Polish, this lip balm contains no taste, no smell and no colour at all, but does a great job of keeping your lips chap-free.

Managing Editor Karen says: It’s one of my favourites mainly because it’s moisturizing without being sticky, because lots of lip balms tend to do that. A plus point would be that it doesn’t have any scent or taste to it, which is how I prefer my products to be.

Price and availability: Hada Labo Lip Moisturizers are available at all Watson stores nationwide, retailing for RM 11.90.

Mecca Cosmetics Lip De-Luxe Treatment Lip Balm

It isn’t very often that a single lip product will give you all the results that you need in just a small tube, but according to the tube, Lip De-Luxe superbly conditions, protects and perfects lips whilst minimising the appearance of fine lines and visibly enhancing lip contour. We have to be honest and say that it doesn’t visibly enhance lip contour as it claims to, but it does live up to the rest of its claims.

Beauty Editor-at-Large Kathia says: Goes on buttery smooth even in the sub-zero conditions. Softer texture allows it to get into cracks and seal them. Light layer excellent under satin or matte lip colours as it doesn’t muck about the finish as much. I like being able to use this under lip colour without sliding and feathering.

Price and availability: Lip De-Luxe is available at Mecca Cosmetica, and retails for approx. RM 85.

Sleek Makeup SPF 15 Pout Polish Lip Conditioner

Is it a lip gloss, lip balm or lip stain.. which is it? Well we’d say a little bit of all of the above, really. By containing jojoba, avocado and sweet almond oil as well as SFP15 to condition and protect lips all day long, Pout Polish promises to moisturize your lips deeply and  stain lips deeper than most glosses creating a dramatic effect and long lasting colour. A good pot to keep in your bag for those who fancy a little colour to go with the softening effect – saves you the trouble of having to layer on a lip gloss on top of your lip balm!

Content Associate Shantee says: I’m a sucker for pretty packaging, so that was the first factor that caught my eye. I also like my lip balms to be coloured, and it’s a major plus point for me that it’s very moisturizing!

Price and availability: Sleek Makeup SPF15 Pout Polish is available at Luxola, priced at SGD13 per pot.

Burt’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm With Pomegranate Oil

Although the colour might not be what you desire when you pop the tube open, rest assured that the colour payoff for this particular lip balm is very light, and is very minimally pigmented. With pomegranate oil as its main ingredient, it’s pretty much a given that it would be a highly moisturizing lip balm, albeit a slightly tinted one, so if you’re interesting in trying out coloured lip balm for the first time, this tube with its sheer coverage would be your best bet.

Intern Sharina says:  I’ve been using this product for the past 4 years. I love this lip balm for several reasons. Firstly it smells and taste great which is very important. Secondly it’s moisturizing properties lasts longer than any other lip balm I’ve tried. It also leaves a lightly sheer coat of colour on my lips.

Price and availability: Burt’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil is available at all Burt’s Bees stores nationwide, priced at RM 18.

Lucas’ Papaw Ointment

You probably wouldn’t have heard of Lucas Papaw Ointment unless you’re from the Down Under or you’ve been there long enough to know the Aussies’ favourite remedy to dry skin. Formulated with a texture like Vaseline, this ointment is made up of fermented papaya enzyme that helps the peeling and regeneration of skin, therefore making it a fantastic lip balm. The Australians swear by it, and we’re pretty sure the wave will be crashing our shores soon!

Intern Lynn says: I was using Vaseline before this, but when I went over to Australia for studies, that’s when I discovered Papaw’s. It can also be used to heal cracked heels, dry elbows or scabs. The only thing I’m not a fan of is that it is rather oily, which makes sense, but as long as I apply it before bed, I will definitely wake up with mad soft lips.

Price and availability: Lucas Papaw Ointment is available at Vitacare Pharmacy nationwide, at RM 18.90 per tube.

Text by: Sue Lynn