No, the teaser from a few months ago wasn’t a joke. Malaysian cosmetic brand Elianto has really released a durian makeup collection.

Durian. For your face. We’re still trying to digest (harhar) this.

When Elianto first introduced its Musang King Lipstick late last year, many didn’t take it seriously. But they were not joking about the king of fruits. Hardcore durian lovers can now purchase the Elianto Musang King Collection, which consists of eyeshadow, highlighter, lip colour, and lip care.

If that’s not enough, you can also smell like your favourite fruit with Elianto’s Durio Bloom EDP fragrance. We just can’t guarantee that people around you will like your scent so much.

Go durian-crazy on Elianto’s website (and do tag us on Instagram or Twitter if you decide to try it out!)