Kind of Catholic, kind of goth, and all on point for Fall/Winter 2013 trends, veils are a great way of sprucing up an outfit, piling on the mystique and guarding your personal space. Here’s a super creative way of copping out so you don’t have to go all out for Halloween – we’ve found that a ruched veil makes for a cute web under a statement spider!

spider veil 4

Things you will need:
+ Faux spider (Try toy or crafts stores)
+ Net nabric
+ Hair pin
+ Scissors
+ Thread and needle
+ Adhesive (depending on the material of your spider, mine worked well with a glue gun)
* Optional: Wiggle eyes and Felt.

spider veil 5.

Step 1: Cut out an A4 size of net fabric.

spider veil 6

Step 2: Use needle and thread to gather the top part of the net fabric.

spider veil 7

Step 3: Glue the netting onto the back/”stomach” of the spider.

spider veil 8

Step 4: If you want a clean finish, glue on a piece of felt to hide the messy netting fabric that you’ve just glued on.

spider veil 9

Step 5: Glue on the hairpin onto the felt.

spider veil 10

Step 6: Stick on wiggle eyes and secure the back with felt, so that your eyes will stick onto the net properly.

And that’s it!! You now have your very own Spider Webbed Veil!

spider veil