We thought we’ve seen all kinds of false lashes (feathers, rhinestones, lace and what not) but here comes a more artistic add-on – paper lashes. Described as ‘jewelry for the eyes’, this latest out-there beauty trend will gravitate all the attention and compliments (we hope) your way.

Designed by Ting yu Wang for Paperself, each eyelashes are intricately cut, each infused with symbolic meaning rooted in the Chinese culture.

All eyelashes come in two sizes: Small for a subtle daytime look or full, to make a bigger statement. It can be applied easily with regular eyelash glue and said to be durable enough to be worn again and again.

Small lashes: approx RM61
Regular lashes: approx RM51

They might not be the most practical for everyday use but with Christmas and New Year’s Eve just around the corner, this calls for a party for your lashes.

Get party-hardy lashes at Paperself, or for closer to the region options, check out Singapore-based Luxola.com that carries the paper beauties at SGD$28.