If you’re headed down to sunny Singapore this weekend, we probably know why. The much anticipated Laneway Festival is happening this Saturday and we’re beyond excited to be tuning into the sweet sounds of Chvrches, Daughter, Frightened Rabbit, Haim, and Jagwar Ma live (to name a few). But before we get ahead of ourselves, are you really all that ready? Here are 7 things our friends thought you needed to know before heading down to Singapore to immerse yourself in the killer line-up.

Rathika says:


We can’t trust weather forecasts entirely; anticipate the worst and always be prepared. It’s a festival – things will get rough, and chances of you going home with a few scratches, rashes and burns, is ordinary. So load up on sunblock, pack a poncho, a clean T-shirt and a Japanese fan – major saviours, rain or shine!

 Julian Koh says:


I would say put on some deodorant or a little cologne because you don’t want the people dancing beside you to think you stink, especially if you’re the kind of person who likes to raise their arms when you dance.

Grace Wong says:


The festival will have three stages this year due to it having the most massive line-up to date. To avoid missing your favourite acts, check out the playing times beforehand and decide which stages to park yourself at. Given the quality of the bands playing it’s going to be a tough call – but you could always skip between stages mid-set. Download this schedule on your phone for handy referral.

Kate Ng says:


It’s a known fact that food and beverages sold at festivals are priced at an ungodly amount; eat as much as you can before entering the grounds – this marks down temptation to spend during the festival – and try and savour every ounce of the SGD5 water you’re paying for. If all else fails, drink the dew from the grass.

Melly Ling says:


The one thing I’m always anal about heading to festivals is the grounds. I need to know what I’m gonna sit on and my feet definitely deserves to be clean! Besides, I dont trust BBC with the weather prediction. I will always opt for boots! You can never go wrong with them, rain or shine. Not only are they comfy, but your feet is assured to be mud free. Plus, they’re the perfect BFF to any outfit!

Bryan Chang says:


As in comfortable. Regardless of how you are dressing up or what you are dressing up as, it is really pointless when clothes dig into your skin, needs constant adjusting, causes chafing and gives you blisters.

Sim Wie Boon says:


One thing you need to know before heading to Laneway or any other music festival in Asia for that matter, is to be prepared for the crowd. Amidst the jibberish made-up lyrics they will attempt to sing (because they only know one or two songs), they’ll probably hog the front lines and jump up and down to block your view. I know, I know – it’s a concert, they’re having fun, but I’ll be damned if some 15-year-old gets in between me and a clear shot of James Blake for my Instagram. If you’re short, be prepared to be blocked by the dozens of iPads and tablets that will hinder your view of any of the bands, so get there early or enjoy the magical sounds of Jagwar Ma from afar. Oh, and also, beware overly PDA couples. You might catch an STD.
If there’s one word of advice we could give, it’d be to stay connected. Follow the official page on Facebook and Twitter for instant updates (wouldn’t you want to know when Haim is entering festival grounds?), and get educated with the line-up on Spotify beforehand – follow St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival and listen to its Laneway Festival 2014 playlist on loop.