We regret to inform you that anti-aging products are not made from magic fairy dusts. On the contrary, hard work and research goes into finding out how the aging process works and how to manage it better. Here is some insights into the anti-aging products:

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1. Hydrates/Plumps fine lines
Keeping the skin moisturised regularly can significantly slow down the rate of facial wrinkle formation over the long term. This may be the most basic skincare routine to follow, but it is also one many overlook. Your moisturizer should leave you looking and feeling hydrated. If you find too many fine lines are forming, it is probably time to look for something that does this job well.

2. Fights Discoloration
Darker colored spots can appear at any point in your adult life from sun damage, hormonal changes, health problems or a combination of those. The trouble with them is that they stick around even after the root cause has been dealt with. Some anti-aging products include actives to manage melanin production and also try to reduce the appearance of existing spots. Anti-oxidants such as vitamin C can perform a double duty of reducing and managing the appearance of discoloration.

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3. Protects against sun exposure
Sun exposure does more than just darken the skin surface or sprinkle them with oddly colored spots. UVA rays damage beneath the skin surface by breaking down collagen that otherwise holds up the skin. Some anti-aging products contain SPF and a combination of anti-oxidants to help skin defend against sun damage.

4. Works as an Anti-oxidant
You know that green apple experiment they keep showing you to prove anti-oxidants stop cut apples from going brown? They weren’t bluffing. In fact, measuring the rate of oxidation of a cut apple with and without anti-oxidants was the SPM biology practical exam of 1998. We kid you not. Anti-oxidants stop things from expiring and helps skin manage and prevent sun damage in the long run.

5. Renews & Prevents
Amino peptides are proteins that behave like a task manager. They let you skin know when your next task needs to be done. Some peptides have the ability to relax the muscles gently to reduce expression lines now and prevent new ones from forming. According to Dr Cheong Wai Kwong, Olay Asia Cell Technology Research Centre member, the Olay Aminopeptide complex helps to speed up the process of skin cell renewal without compromising the integrity of the skin barrier while enhancing skin hydration and evening out skin tone.

 6. Resurfaces/Exfoliates
The skin has a renewal cycle and dead cells are meant to be shed to reveal new skin. All this is happening at a micro level of course. We too would be squeamish at the prospect of shedding visibly like a reptile. However, sometimes build up on the top layer of the skin over time and reduces the absorption of products and contribute to what may look like lines (but are actually piles of dead skin. Eeps). Some anti-aging products contain exfoliating actives which gently resurface your skin throughout use.

7. Optical and surfacing agents
Ok, so we know anti-aging products have these effective ingredients that manage the aging process. But it’s a modern world, and 14 days is just too long when you need to look the business now. That is why some anti-aging products often contain optical and surfacing agents to manage the way your skin looks now.

Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Cream 

For solutions that you need today and beyond, there is Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Cream to manage visible signs of aging in an instant. Not only does the new Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Cream have immediate benefits, it also works continuously over time to reduce the appearance of deep lines* in 14 days. The formula is packed with Regenerist’s signature Aminopeptide Complex, comprising ingredients such as Pal-KTTKS, niacinamide, Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin E and Allantoin which renews the skin at the cellular level at the epidermis layer. In addition, a new biopeptide – Peptamide Y6 – is included in Olay Regenerist line for the first time. The product’s high concentration of intense humectants also enables skin to be more agile to expression lines, which slows down the progression of expression lines to permanent lines and wrinkles.
*epidermis layer


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