Beauty trends and revolutions come and then fade, but the baseline to everyone’s ideal skin always comes down to one thing: Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty.

No matter your lifestyle, skin type or age bracket, chances are, you’ve got dehydrated skin, and you need to tend to it, stat. Unfortunately, it’s in our genetic make-up – generally, Asian women are born with a weaker skin barrier compared to Caucasians and African Americans. It’s a genetic flaw that makes us highly prone to moisture loss, the main cause for the dull and sallow complexion we’re always trying to eradicate.

There is a solution here, stemmed after 20 years of research: 24-hour hydration, protection and regeneration through Laneige’s latest Water Bank Series.


+ Hydro Ion Mineral Water that swiftly penetrates 20 layers of the skin to revive dormant moisturising genes.
+ Quinoa extract, which helps create clear and supple, moisture-plumped skin.
+ Olive Squalene to reinforce the lipid barrier in the epidermis, and retain moisture.
+ Tilandsia Extract, an air paint that absorbs moisture from the air, while optimising skin moisture balance.

Water Bank Essence EX (60ml), RM165
This global best-seller packs a punch, delivering mineral-rich moisture to relieve dehydrated skin and repair skin damage. The effect – an optimised moisture balance, with an instantly smoother and suppler skin texture that’ll last the entire day.


Water Bank Eye Gel (25ml), RM130
Enriched with Bilberry extract, this moisture-rich eye gel helps reduce puffiness and dark circles as it soothes tired eyes. We love its consistency – quick to absorb, instantly plumping the under-eye area to make seamless make-up application a cinch thereafter.


Water Bank Gel Cream EX (50ml), RM130
Perfect for oilier skin types in hot and humid weather, this gel formula soothes flushed and irritated skin, as it controls excessive sebum for a shine-free texture.


Brightening Sparkling Water Capsule Mist (120ml), RM100
While this isn’t part of the Water Bank series, it’s an amazing facial mist to carry around day to day; in fact, we can no longer leave home without it! Containing French sparkling water infused with highly concentrated carbonation capsules, the mist stimulates blood circulation, promotes the turnover of dead skin cells as it delivers a quick cleansing and hydrating skin refresher.

TiC Tip: Use it at the end of your make-up routine to ensure your look stays in place.

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laneige brightening sparkling water

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