With Raya just around the corner, we’ve been thinking of the easiest and most stylish ways to wear our hair for the all-day occasion; and who better to work these looks than our intern, Amanda! Here, we share three easy ways to weave your hair up for the festive week of Raya for all of you to try!

Things you’ll need:
+ Bobby pins
+ Elastic hair-ties
+ Fine tooth comb
+ Brush
+ Hair spray


Hairdo 1

Step One: Part hair into five sections and tie them separately – two on the top half, and three on the bottom.

Step Two:  Braid the three sections in the bottom half.

Step Three: Starting from the right hand-side, pin the braid to the left hand side and back in a zig zag direction. Then, move on to the braid on the left hand side, and repeat the same process in the opposite direction. Next, overlap the zig zag braids with the last braid making sure all bobby pins and hair ties are covered and seal with hair spray.

Step Four: Release the top half, and braid them similarly to the bottom half.

Step Five: Above the current pattern created, repeat the zig zag motion with the thicker braids for a gradual look of big to small braids.

Step Six: Pat down and seal with hair spray.


Hairdo 3

Step One: Tie hair into a high ponytail (placement is according to your desire).

Step Two: Separate the ponytail into five sections, and braid each one.

Step Three: Begin with a braid either from the extreme left or right, and simply circulate around the hair tie, pinning down towards the centre. Repeat for all braids as you move upwards.


Hairdo 2

Step One: Split hair into a centre parting all the way through, from the top to the bottom and braid outwards, while pulling tightly.

Step Two: Flip either the left or right braid over the head towards the opposite direction, pinning it down sparingly. Stop right before where the next braid begins.

Step Three: Flip the next braid in the opposite direction, hiding the elastic band and bobby pins from the first braid and pin it on the opposite side, while tucking the end under the first braid. Making sure to hide the elastic band and bobby pins, seal with hairspray.

Which ‘do are you going to try for Raya? And, how ridiculously easy are these steps?! I must add, I’m no hairstylist, but these looks were surprisignly easy to do! Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourselves!

Image credit: Kathryn Rao