“When you’re left hanging because the person you’re dating or seeing suddenly cuts off all communication without warning or explanation”

– Maya Borgueta, 2015


Pretty sure we’ve all been through this at least once, and it’s not the best experience ever. It’s one thing to be dumped; it’s another to be left hanging, not knowing whether you’re still together.


Or were you even together?


Not texting back is still fine, but being ghosted at the airport like this Dutch guy takes things to a whole new level 오라클 11g 서버. Alexander Pieter Cirk flew 7,505km from Holland to China just to meet his online girlfriend, only for her to not show up at all. For 10 days, he waited for her at the airport before he collapsed from fatigue. Brutal.




Can there be anything more embarrassing than that? Well, we scoured the internet for the most painful ghosting stories.



#1 “I waited for three hours…”


“I started talking to this German expat after we matched on Tinder 지뢰찾기 게임. After a few days of texting on the app, he asked if we could meet up. Since it wasn’t a busy week and I was looking for people to hang out with, I agreed to have a drink or two with him.


I wasn’t that into him. I mean, I was interested but not head over heels, but still keen to meet him. I wore one of my best dresses that night and waited at the meeting place for three hours.


3 hours

Image from Veuve Noir


He never showed up Download the local emulator. He didn’t text me to reschedule as well. Like I said, I wasn’t really into him but it still hurts. I felt a bit embarrassed as I kept telling the waiter to leave the menu because I’m expecting a friend. Then I left the restaurant alone.”



#2 LDR? Guess not.


Worst thing to ever happen to me is my LG ghosted on me after I got station in Hawaii Feel so lost now.


It seems like the writer’s girlfriend didn’t have the heart to tell him that she wasn’t interested in a long distance relationship… until he got stationed elsewhere Download Eclipse java ee.            



#3 Father of the baby going AWOL


Army officer knocked me up when I was 18 then ghosted. Finally heard from him 2 years later..he's been on several tours and couldn't locate me. Our baby died. I feel like its unpatriotic to hate him.





#4 When he didn’t show up for your 21st birthday party


Image from INF Photo

Image from INF Photo


Rumour has it that Jake Gyllenhaal ghosted Taylor Swift, leaving her to celebrate her 21st birthday party without him Download visual studio 2010 sp1. Tay Tay was so distraught about his absence she allegedly hid in the restroom to cry.



#5 That guy who faked his mum’s death just to stop talking to you


SassMaster had dated the guy for a few months when he suddenly decided not to turn up at all for their lunch date. Texts were ignored, she was unfriended on Facebook, and he just disappeared… until four months later. He apologised for the dick move but blamed it on his mother’s untimely death.

Except that his mother is still alive.





#6 Ghosted after 16 years of marriage


We can’t think of anything worse than this Download Spider-Man Papromhome. Nothing beats being ghosted by your husband of 16 years.


After dropping her husband off at his friend’s place, amylee never heard from him again. After a week, she managed to get him to pick up his phone by pretending to be someone else. Till today, he never told her why he left her.


Image from Tumblr

Image from Tumblr



#7 BFF no more


Since my bestie is now ghosting me. Is it bad I'm tempted to let her go since she's the only friend I have left?


Perhaps the most painful ghosting isn’t by a romantic interest or a spouse, but by a best friend whom you thought would be there for you… forever 저작권 없는 이미지.



#8 It’s not you, it’s how you look.


I got ghosted for sending a picture after I told him I wasn't very attractive. Am I really that ugly? Jeez


If that doesn’t hurt you, we don’t know what can. 



#9 Before he proposed  


He was about to propose to her when suddenly…  


via GIPHY  


…he just disappeared from her life. Last she checked, he already bought the ring. He blocked her on all communication platforms Download the leiover. She still doesn’t know what happened and why he changed his mind.    



#10 Before the wedding  


So Sean Penn and Charlize Theron were engaged and would have been married by now if she hadn’t ghosted Sean.  


Image from The Daily Beast

Image from The Daily Beast


She stopped replying his texts, stopped answering his phone calls, and even stopped replying his emails. Damn guurrrl. That’s harsh.



Have you been ‘ghosted’ before Download Vogel2?


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Words by Esther Chung

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