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When it comes to grooming and getting ready for a date, guys may only have the slightest inkling about what goes on in our bathrooms. What they do know is that they are sometimes expected to wait. But even when a girl emerges fresh as a blossom, and a joy to behold, having to wait every single time you have a date can test his patience.
This is why boyfriends of girls-in-the-know are raving about the Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer 스킨스. If you’ve never heard of it, that’s because it’s a best kept secret! Shhh…
5 reasons why guys love it:


#1 Multi-use and precise

The Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer has different detachable razor heads that can be switched out to suit the different parts of your body. The multi-grooming kit also comes with combs that you can attach to the trimmer to get an even trim.
With two options, the Trim Mode and the Shave Mode, you can deal with hair trimming on your eyebrows, upper lip, underarms, legs and bikini line easily. It is also delicate enough to follow the curves of your body with no ugly bumps, shaving cuts, uneven hair lengths or skin irritation afterwards. Because you get a sensitive trim that’s so close to the skin, hair doesn’t grow out thicker or coarser at all 위자 저주의 시작. Check out this review we found on the interweb.
Also, see the product in action, and how you can be creative when it comes to eyebrows and your bikini line.
What this means for guys: A girlfriend that always looks impeccable – ready for him to show off hdderase 다운로드!  #Yeahbaby



#2 Takes Very Little Time

If you think about the alternatives, having this multi-grooming kit at home is a real bonus. No more making appointments and driving out for IPLs, waxing or threading. No more hours spent in the bathroom labouring over home waxing kits. No more locking your boyfriend out of your room while you’ve got depilating cream on your legs.
Simply spend a couple of minutes once a week (when he’s out with the boys!) before your shower to use your multi-groomer and care for your body 증권 통. It’s also portable so you can pack it with you on beach holidays for touch-ups and not have to disappear suddenly to find a waxing/threading place.
What this means for guys: Less time spent at salons and getting ready before a date equals less waiting around and more time spent enjoying each other’s company. #LitAF


#3 Pain free


If we were to tell you about all the ways women have removed hair in the past, just to continue with society’s expectations of femininity, you’ll be shocked. The ancient Egyptians used hot liquid sugar to literally snatch hairs from the follicles completely. There’s even a Lebanese movie about it called Caramel 기차소리 다운로드. Watch this mesmerising clip from the movie of how sugar is being used for hair removal.

And that’s mild, women (and men) have used flint to scrape the hairs (and skin perhaps?) off their faces. Some women even used vinegar and cat’s poo to prevent hair growth Download the xposed framework!
Today we have more high tech means of hair removal, but it doesn’t guarantee painlessness. IPL still stings especially if you have sensitive skin (think bikini area!) and so does waxing. (That’s why when you enter the waxing room there’s a huge sign that says Breathe!) Threading can also be abrasive and leave your skin a little raw, though it hurts the least compared to wax and lasers.
What this means for guys: When you experience pain for a guy, they can be sure that they will hear about this sacrifice someday in an argument, somewhere, sometime windows 10 s 다운로드. The less pain you experience, the less pain they experience. #Nuffsaid

#4 Saves money

The thing about waxes and IPLs is that they’re not cheap. IPL packages can run up to a couple of thousand ringgit and waxes (from the reputable studios that don’t double dip their spatulas into the same wax that everyone uses #STDs) can go up to RM150 a pop.
In the long run, a multi-groomer gives you better mileage. All you have to do is clean it with the brush provided and change the battery Download the purchase confirmation form! At a retail price of RM119 it’s also a steal considering that it will last you for quite a while and will save you quite a small fortune in waxing appointments.
What this means for guys: Guys love being able to pay for everything when you go out but they have limits too!  When you save money and have more cash in your hands, chances are you’ll want to treat him more often or buy him little gifts. #Bonus  #shringgit

#5 It’s safe


The Veet Sensitive Touch is completely safe to use 윈도우10 무한. It has a built-in safety mechanism to prevent cuts and if you use it responsibly and follow the user instructions, it’s bleed-proof.
What this means for guys: Guys may love you to look your best but their protective instincts kick in if they even get a whiff of an idea that you might get hurt in the process. #Safegirlfriend = #Happyboyfriend



Be sure to follow the safety instructions on the kit, exfoliate before you begin and moisturise afterwards. It’s also important to thoroughly clean your grooming kit after each use and avoid sharing it with anyone! Most importantly have fun and enjoy the results 넌얼마나쓰니 다운로드!


Where to Buy

You can find the Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer at the Guardian online store and retail outlets. What are you waiting for girls!




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