Now that the new year has begun, we’re inundated with sales on and offline. Oh, that swallow print embroidered bomber has your name written all over it! But you’ll miss out on the off-the-shoulder dress trend that’s ruling the times now. And what about that statement tote you need for work? There’s only so little time (and money) and so many things you want! What’s a girl to do?

That’s where the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator comes in. It’s a series of questions that assess how you see the world Download Stickman Warrior. The MBTI has been used to explain the differences in the way introverts and extroverts work and communicate, date, and even dream. It’s even been used to identify each personality type’s power workout.  

If you’re undecided, there’s no harm in checking your MBTI type to see which items and accessories fit your personality best.


Myers-Briggs Type #1: ISTJ, The Logistician

ISTJs are known to value practicality. As introverted, logical thinkers, they’re more likely to care about the functionality than the trendiness of their clothes 극한의 별 다운로드. A classic, button-down shirt captures their need for structure and tradition perfectly.


ESPRIT Woven Long Sleeve Shirt, Zalora, RM69.90


Myers-Briggs Type #2: ISFJ, The Defender

If you have an ISFJ girlfriend in your circle, you’ll know ISFJs are the most conscientious, empathetic, and loyal people around. Often aware of others’ feelings and needs, they’ll dress in ways that allow them to blend in with the rest of their social circle. A dreamy A-line skirt embodies their need for modesty and love of harmony.


Something Borrowed Pleated Midi Skirt, Zalora, RM89


Myers-Briggs Type #3: INFJ, The Advocate

The humanitarian of the group, INFJs seek meaning and connection in ideas, relationships, and objects Download Golden Disc 2019. Each item in their wardrobe is carefully chosen to reflect their personal values. Idealistic introverts, they’re likely to choose unconventional items which don’t veer too far from the crowd. A versatile denim patchwork romper would fit right in the INFJ’s closet.


Alice McCall Sweet Thing Romper, Free People, $260 (RM1028.17)


Myers-Briggs Type #4: INTJ, The Architect

Highly self-sufficient, they hold high standards for themselves and others. They’re independent thinkers who prefer function over aesthetics. Likely to choose comfortable, fuss-free clothes, INTJs gravitate to versatile tops and bottoms Redis. Give this bold, independent girl a roomy sweatshirt any day over a figure-hugging dress!


Dotted Logo Hoodie by Ivy Park, Topshop, RM250


Myers-Briggs Type #5: ISTP, The Virtuoso

Logical, competent thinkers, ISTPs are great at solving problems and value quality and efficiency in everything. They may shy away from the limelight, but they’re also open to discovering new items. Once they find a style they identify with, it becomes a part of their identities. Flared jeans that recall the 60s embody their pragmatic lifestyles and openness to spontaneity.


Levi’s Orange Tab Vintage Flare Jeans, Zalora, RM209


Myers-Briggs Type #6: ISFP, The Adventurer

Quiet, friendly, and sensitive, ISFPs enjoy the present and style themselves uniquely without drawing too much attention Download Run Kova. Not big fans of conflicts and disruptive details, they enjoy soft, romantic tones and easygoing cuts in their clothes. A romantic bardot dress makes the ISFP girl feel right at home.


Lost Ink Petite Bardot Dress, ASOS, $44.21 (RM174.78)


Myers-Briggs Type #7: INFP, The Mediator

Imaginative and flexible, these intuitive dreamers are inspired by the possibilities that lay ahead. As a result, INFPs are more open to trying out trends and will put their own spin on the latest trend be it off-the-shoulder tops or arty prints. These introverted bohemians make their own statements through fringed, tie-dyed, arty pieces autocad mechanical 2015.


Sugar Magnolia Burnout Velvet Kimono, Free People, $128 (RM506.18)


Myers-Briggs Type #8: INTP, The Logician

Private and self-contained, INTPs are deep thinkers and would rather drown in their own thoughts than socialise needlessly. Known for their unusual ability to hone in on a problem in their area of interest, they’re always analytical. The INTP’s armour is her shades. The perfect item to hide your boredom while pondering abstract ideas and theories at unavoidable social functions.


Privé Revaux Limited Edition The Mc Queen Sunglasses, Zalora, RM139.30


Myers-Briggs Type #9: ESTP, The Entrepreneur

Adventurous yet practical, these go-getters have no patience for abstract theories and conceptual ideas 던전앤드래곤. Instead, they approach situations with pragmatism. They appreciate the finer things in life and are constantly on the move. A luxurious versatile hold-all that can follow them from a sales presentation to the gym would be perfect for the action-oriented ESTP.


Gold Zipped Holdall with Trainer Compartment, ASOS, $44.21 (RM174.78)


Myers-Briggs Type #9: ESFP, The Entertainer

Bold and outgoing, ESFPs are the life of the party. They love life, people, and their material comforts exuberantly. These thrill-seekers get bored easily and would readily take risks with their style choices debug exe. They’re known to have impeccable taste in clothes. A jumpsuit with a fun print would mirror the ESFP’s enthusiasm for life.


Blue Camo Jumpsuit, Missguided, €53 (RM256.45)


Myers-Briggs Type #11: ENFP, The Campaigner

‘Basic’ is nowhere to be found in the ENFP’s vocabulary. Open-hearted and excitable, they’re full of wild ambition. No run-of-the-mill shirts and skirts for this free spirit. Drawn to bright, passionate colours and romantic silhouettes, they don’t pay much attention to details. A quirky tea dress with a vintage vibe is just what the ENFP girl needs.


Glamorous Tea Dress With Cut Out In Floral Print, ASOS, $61.58 (RM243.70


Myers-Briggs Type #12: ENTP, The Debater

Routines bore ENTPs watchdog 다운로드. Constantly seeking new experiences and challenges, they rarely wear the exact outfit twice. As quick thinkers, they often come up with ingenious outfits. A jewel-toned suit will give ENTPs the chance to showcase their resourcefulness and ability to style separates in countless ways.


Boohoo Petite Collarless Blazer, ASOS, $23.69 (RM93.43)

Boohoo Petite Wide Leg Trousers, ASOS, $18.95 (RM74.99)


Myers-Briggs Type #13: ESTJ, The Executive

Impracticality has no place in the ESTJ’s life and closet. Realistic and decisive, they move quickly to get things done in the most efficient way possible. Intensely organised and focused, they want to appear professional and responsible Download your YouTube subscription. This goal-oriented career woman’s best weapon in the boardroom is a structured blazer.


Mango Pinstripe Suit Blazer, Zalora, RM235.90


Myers-Briggs Type #14: ESFJ, The Consul

Like their introverted counterparts, ENFJs care deeply about others. Outspoken and compassionate, they won’t hesitate to offer their help. They dress to fit in with other members of their squad or draw inspiration from style icons they admire. A cosy turtleneck dress illustrates their caregiver personality type best.


Turtleneck Dress, H&M, RM69.90


Myers-Briggs Type #15: ENFJ, The Protagonist

As an ENFJ, you inject happy vibes into every environment. As cheerful and sociable as you are, helping others fulfil their potential also comes naturally to you. In fact, your friends and co-workers look to you for guidance and leadership. An oversized knit jumper is just what you should wear during all those free hug sessions you hold.


Mango Chunky Knit Jumper, Zalora, RM99.90


Myers-Briggs Type #16: ENTJ, The Commander

ENTJ girls were born to lead. Straightforward and firm, they enjoy straightening disorganised systems. Decisive planners, ENTJ girls work tirelessly towards their lofty goals. They’re frugal with their money, only spending on classic, timeless items which perform multiple duties. Minimalist, understated court shoes are a boon to these goal-oriented individuals.


Court Shoes, H&M, RM99.90


by Zoe Liew.


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