We sat down at WAF 2015 with Indonesian designer, Jessicacindy, to find out more on her bridal label, latest collection and how it all began Download the Word 2010 Korean version.


Tell us a bit about yourself My meaning.
I’m from Indonesia. I moved to Singapore approximately seven years ago and that’s when I worked for a bridal atelier. Soon after I started to design bespoke bridal gowns on a freelance basis and then moved forward with my own bridal label Jessicacindy in Singapore dev c 다운로드.

Was your childhood a creative one?
Yes, my childhood was a little bit creative. I used to craft little things, paint and draw a lot from a very young age 응답하라 1994 18화.

How did you take an interest to fashion, and then designing in particular?
Actually I was always particular with my sense of style 사과박스. I was the type of person who could never wear the same thing twice so it was no surprise that I was drawn to this industry and field from the start. That explains why I like designing one-of-a-kind pieces – I wanted to create looks that have never been used before and that’s what had really pulled me into this industry Download the suwon map.

What made you choose to design bridal?
Well, when I was in school I enjoyed designing one of a kind pieces… exclusive pieces Download the movie Juon. I started with cocktail dresses and then I slowly found myself transitioning towards bridal gowns.


What would you say is your the concept behind your brand 롤링 스카이 무료 다운로드?
I would say that the concept behind Jessicacindy is very intricate, detailed, feminine and romantic.

What inspires your designs Download youtube playlists?
Lately, nature mostly inspires me as well as my journeys. It’s the little things that catch my attention like the details of flower petals and things like that Ms Office 2013 genuine.


Describe Jessicacindy in three words.
Exclusive. Intricate. Confident.

What’s your favourite material to work with?
Tulle. I love working with this material because when you layer it, you get a very soft and dreamy outcome and well, that’s what most girls like. Haha!

How many collections do you create in a year?
This showcase at WAF 2015 is actually one of my first big collections. But, in the future I might create more of them. Normally I would design two to three pieces every month and the rest are bespoke wedding gowns to give customers real exclusivity.


Walk us through the collection you showcased at WAF 2015.
This collection is all about romance and sophistication. I wanted it to appear graceful and feminine with a natural flow. I adapted elements from all kinds of flowers and their petals and incorporated these little details onto every design.

What is the general price range of your collections?
Around SGD4,000-5,000 per dress.

Name one thing you can’t leave the house without.
Ermm…my iPhone? Haha!

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Image credit: Jessicacindy