Halloween is just around the corner! Granted, it’s not a celebration that is traditionally celebrated by Malaysians, however we at Tongue In Chic love any reason to play dress up 요로나의 저주! This time around, we decided to do a little dress up tutorial for your nails. Halloween is about all things spooky and some creepy crawlies, which inspired us to work on a Spider Web nail art tutorial office 2016 다운로드.

Things you’ll need:
+ 3 different nail polishes
+ Nail art brusI created this easy-to-follow template to make it easier for you to follow as you go along Download Venture Tycoon.

First start off with the spider web nail art.
spider web nailsStep 1: Paint your nails a solid colour Smartshare. You can use any colour, but a dark colour will make the lines of the spider web stand out more. I opted for black.
Step 2: Use your nail art brush, and white nail polish to draw a vertical line 해피데스데이.
Step 3: Add more vertical slunting lines, to create the base of the spider web.
Step 4: Make semi U shapes horizontally from each vertical line Automatic download on YouTube. You will slowly see the web design being formed.
Step 5: Continue the process of making the U shaped lines, until you are done 주 타이쿤.

For the spider designs, here’s the other template;
spider web nails2Step 1: Paint a small dot (for the spider’s head) itunes windows.
Step 2: Then add another round below that for the body using the same colour.
Step 3: Add a straight thin line from the body for legs 복면가왕 음악 다운로드.
Step 4: Then add another line from where the line (legs) ended.
Step 5: Continue that process until you’ve done 4 on each side of the body 인타임 자막.
Step 6: Once you are done, add a white line from the spider to make it look like it’s hanging from a web.

DSC_0152And here’s another example using a brighter colour,

DSC_0021 - Copy


Image credit: Harmini Asokumar

Originally published 25 Oct 2013