It’s that time of the year again! Is your Christmas tree and deco all set up yet?

The TiC HQ is all in a buzz because of the festive season – unleash the Christmas carols! As you plan your outfits and ensembles for all the Christmas parties you’re going to go to, don’t leave your fingertips in the dust 셔터스톡 이미지. Give ’em a makeover too! Here are a few ideas we’ve cooked up for you to try.

Things You’ll Need:
+ Nail Polish
+ Toothpick
+ Nail Polish Remover
+ Cotton Buds

The avant-garde take on the Christmas candy cane Download the movie Korean subtitles.
Step One: Paint your nails with your best cherry red as your base 레드햇 9.0 다운로드.
Step Two: Using a toothpick, dip and smear white nail polish in random order, on top of the red. The messier, the better.


So, you want to build a snowman 천당2 혈맹?
2Step One: Coat your nails with white nail polish
Step Two:
Using a toothpick or nail art tool, place two dots on the top half of your nail vApp pc. These will become your snowman’s eyes. Keep in mind, the lower you go, the less space you’ll have for his nose and mouth!

Step Three: Time to draw his nose Windows 10 genuine iso! Draw a tiny sidewards triangle below the two dots. Don’t have orange nail polish? Improvise by mixing your yellow a red laquers!
Step Four: Draw a curve below the nose and tada 지난 해 마리앙바드에서! You have a snowman!


Hang up all the Christmas lights!
3Step One: Paint your nails in blue to act as your background Kang Diner 3 3.
Step Two: Draw lines across your nail in black, these will act as the wiring cords so make your lines swirly and loopy.

Step Three: Start drawing your lights 꿀뷰 3 다운로드! Pick bright colours that will stand out behind your blue background. (We’d recommend yellow and orange.) Make tiny elongated dots below the black line
Step Four: Repeat with as many colours as you want Download kda mp3! The more the merrier!

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Image credit: Stephanie Boey