According to Paul Percival (aka Percy) of Percy & Reed, there are three important things that we can do to ensure our hair is always at its best. We all have busy lifestyles and even if we have different hair types – straight or curly, thick or fine – there are a few hair-hacks that can tame, protect and nurture our hair, for a healthy and good-looking mane QFair.


We met Percy (the most down-to-earth hairstylist celebrity we’ve ever met) recently at the Sephora Fall Press Preview, and these are his top 3 tips:


Hair Tips #1: Prime and Prep

Percy advocates using a primer on our hair, just as we would on our faces. While a face primer protects your skin and ensures that makeup adheres for a better finish, a hair primer, on the other hand can prepare it for easy and quicker styling, and make any other product you apply afterwards more effective 글래스 한글자막 다운로드.  

Apart from that, a primer should deliver moisture, shine and protect your hair from the heat of styling tools. It can also eliminate frizz in humid weather, or dryness from the sun or extreme weather elements, ensuring your hair shaft remains smooth and glossy all day long 한전체.




If you’re looking for a perfect primer, you needn’t look further than Percy & Reed’s award-winning Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm. A leave-in balm to be applied after a hairwash, the Wonder Balm smoothes and adds a protective coat, allowing you to style your hair easily and keep its shape longer, plus it offers a boost in ‘moisture, shine, smoothness, definition, softness, a light hold, and high humidity protection’

From experience, the Wonder Balm works great on wash-and-go styles too, providing subtle definition and all-day bounce Download The Virtua Cop. Plus, as all Percy & Reed products do, the Wonder Balm makes your hair smell divine.

Here’s Percy himself, on how to prime and prep:



Hair Tips #2: Heat, Gradually

One of the biggest mistakes we make, Percy says, is to crank our styling tools immediately up to the highest heat settings. This sets us up for less effective styling and creates a higher risk of hair damage, especially if we’re going ‘bareback’, aka sans protection (see #1 above) 대성마이맥 컴퓨터.

We often have the idea that the highest heat setting will take less styling time, however Percy emphasises that this is not good practice.

“A lot of people aim straight for the highest setting, but what they don’t realise is that most hair-types don’t even need that much heat, and it just damages your hair,” he says 로제타스톤 디지털 다운로드. 

It’s probably wise to ration the amount of heat stress we’re placing on our hair, considering that before we get to the flat iron or curling wand, we would have already subjected our hair to the heat from a blow-dryer.

“The trick is to start low, and gradually increase the heat to achieve the style you want.”




Apart from primers, Percy & Reed also offers tools to make styling easier and offer added protection such as the Perfect Blow Dry Makeover Spray 투투 벨. A versatile, lightweight formula, the spray gives you ‘styling control, shape, body and flexible hold, while helping to banish friction and heat-styling damage. The result? A longer-lasting, stress-free and super-glossy blow dry.’  

Here’s how Percy does it:



Hair Tips #3: Protein

“Hair is hair,” says Percy emphatically Download Windows Media Player 12. “It’s the same for everyone, it’s dead once it grows out of your scalp, which is why we need to nurture and protect it from damage.”

“One of the best ways to do that is to give your hair protein.”

Hair is made of a tough protein called keratin. Apart from heat damage or exposure to harsh elements, cracks can develop along the hair shaft, causing split ends and breakage due to combing, brushing, tight ponytails or braids, improper use of dyes or chemicals and more Nova 3. 

Protein treatments and products contain hydrolysed proteins and ceramides that fill in cracks and gaps along the hair cuticle. It also helps hair retain more moisture. There are varying degrees of intensity when it comes to protein hair products or treatments, depending on the state of your hair Download sybase iq.


Top 3 Hair Tips from Celebrity Stylist Paul Percival


Percy & Reed’s protein offering comes in the form of an overnight transforming hair mask. The Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery is a leave-in treatment that absorbs instantly into dry hair and works to nourish, rehydrate and even repair damage while we sleep. The natural protein built into the product boosts the hair’s ability to retain moisture, while potent conditioning agents resist humidity, fight frizz and boost shine.

Non-oily and residue-free, Percy promises: “It doesn’t leave residue on your pillow, doesn’t get onto your boyfriend’s face, and it won’t weigh down your hair.”

In the morning, simply shampoo (no need for conditioner), style and go!

Here’s how it’s done:



Watch this space for news on upcoming Percy & Reed hair products!


By Maya Tan Abdullah.


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