I’ve always been the type of person who packs at the very last minute, which can be both a good thing and a bad thing depending on how you see it. On the bright side, because of the lack of time, I don’t agonise over which dress to bring to match what shoes and avoid bringing unnecessary items (simply because I just don’t have the time to think about it!) Download hanyoung dictionary. The negative to that is that more often than not, I end up leaving something important behind. As someone who travels at least two or three times a month, I think I’ve finally gotten this packing thing down to pat and today, I’m going to share my top eight useful fashion and beauty items for the girl who often travels.

LOTS of travel-size (100ml) bottles


F1 To Go Bottles and Jars, approx Download xnalara. RM56, FLIGHT001
Depending on which airport you’re at, airport security can be very finicky about what liquids and gels you have on you. This is a pain for girls like me who like traveling only with hand-carry luggage – how on earth do you fit your shampoo, conditioner, foundation, eyeliner, blush, and mascara into the liquid restriction limit Amazon Prime? Let’s not forget perfume and your basic skincare items too – especially when you’re going to the beach! I used to purchase travel sized versions of everything but then realised how expensive it was. A more economical solution is to buy a bunch of 100ml bottles and just fill them every time you travel. With bottles now available in all shapes and sizes, you can have an atomizer spray for your perfume, squeeze tube for moisturiser and a pump top for toner all in one travel friendly pack Download the original sound wave. Certainly worth the investment in the long run!

The best pair of shoes


Lianna Pumps, RM216.90, Rockport; Bow Ballerina Flats, RM39.90, Koumi Koumi
I’ve come to find that the perfect pair of travelling shoes is a pair of flats or low wedges – something that can be worn if you’re going shopping, but not too casual to wear for meetings and at the same time dressy enough to wear for a dinner date in the evening. I try to get away with travelling with just a pair of shoes, but if heels are necessary, invest in a comfortable pair from Rockport or Geox. I practically live in my Geox shoes – and run in them too 케모노 프렌즈.




Vaseline is easily the best beauty product ever invented. When in a complete rush, I’ve left all make-up at home and only travelled with a bit of Vaseline spooned into a travel size container. On the plane, I applied a thin layer of Vaseline on my face to seal in my morning-moisturizer, then as a lip balm and all-round moisturiser dnw exe 다운로드. Upon landing, I applied a dab on my cheekbones for that dewy look. Applying Vaseline on your eyelashes every night is also said to make them longer and thicker! Vaseline, the miracle beauty product, seriously.

Make-up Remover



I think one of the most inconvenient things to lug around is make-up remover Download the graduate cv form. It counts towards your liquid restriction limits and if you use an oil-based remover, it leaves your travel size bottles really greasy and hard to clean and re-use for anything else. If you’re not into the idea of using Vaseline as a make-up remover (it does get a bit greasy), my secret weapon is make-up removing wet wipes.

Underwear – Be strategic 마트모어 다운로드!



Lace Back V-Strings, approx. RM30 each, Victoria’s Secret
I try to travel with as little lingerie as possible – so when it comes to bras, I have to be a bit strategic depending on my outfits of choice 스카이림 모드매니저. There’s no point in bringing a black bra if all your outfits are white (unless that’s the look you’re going for …) and you’re going to be in trouble if you plan on wearing a slinky nude dress with the granny panties you brought. My go-to underwear of choice when travelling: nude strapless bras and the Victoria’s Secret V-String underwear to ward off VPL no matter what you wear, and since they’re so small and light, you can bring one or five with you – no difference download msointl.dll. Rather than suffer in a thong all day, the V-String is super comfortable and ensures there are no funny lumps and bumps under a tight skirt or slinky dress.

A very good day and night moisturiser


Wish Upon a Jar Cream, approx. RM70, Soap & Glory (approx. RM70)
When travelling, I need a versatile moisturiser that won’t feel caked on during the day yet keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day and is enriching enough to use at night. My favourite moisturiser is the Soap & Glory Wish Upon a Jar 21-day Collagen Overhaul Cream. It really perks up my skin! Spoon a little into a lip balm sized container and you’re good to go.

A pouch for dirty laundry


Undergarment Case, RM49.90; Bailey Travel Kit, RM65, both from Gin & Jacqie
A cheap pouch helps you differentiate clean underwear from dirty ones, and keeps your luggage compartmentalised. There are a lot of expensive travel pouches you can get at travel shops but there’s no need to spend an insane amount of money on something that well, keeps your dirty laundry. Here are a few cheap, cute, and most importantly, light options for I’ve picked out for you.

Chargers … For everything


MagicPro Pro Mini 4000s Power Bank, RM129, Lazada 
You’ll need to pack a laptop, tablet, phone and camera charger, and god have mercy on you if you’re using a mixture of Android and iOS devices. An easy alternative would be to bring your cables along and use your laptop to charge all your batteries. If you’re on the go, the worst thing that could possibly happen is having  your phone battery die at the airport or while on the plane. Thankfully power banks are now very common and very affordable.