I like my clothes like how I like my coffee – black.

Black is the best, black is the new black, you can never go wrong with black. But it can be a little dull at times comic Nomu-hyun. Which is why this week I picked out five statement pieces that would give all that black an extra oomph.


Snakeskin iPad Case by Justin Yap, RM349, Elegantology Gallery
I found this stunner at Elegantology Gallery, Publika’s latest menswear boutique-cum-fine dining restaurant Plant vs Zombie pc. Yes, you read that right. The boutique end of the gallery stocks an exclusive menswear  collection by Malaysian designers. But I digress. What I love about this particular case, besides the colours (colour blocking is alive and well!), is the fact that it was made from roadkill mx component v4 다운로드. Talk about being one of a kind!


Cork Bag, RM 199, A.L.L.I.E.N
High on my want list is this unassuming messenger bag Download Leviathan. What caught my eye was its unconventional material. Made from cork, it is surprising flexible. But if messenger bags aren’t your cup of tea, fret not as the store also stocks them in a variety of other shapes; think oversized clutches Download your Galaxy My File.


Leopard Print Platform Booties, RM279, Corgi
As a self-confessed Publika mall rat, I admit to walking into Corgi and staring longingly at these lovelies on countless occasions 남한산성 다운로드. I love that pop of leopard print in this otherwise classic pair of suede booties.



Mini Satchel, RM99, Topshop (Mid Valley)
If there was a chart that measures the degree of cute, this bag would be off it 인간극장 음악! Right next to Aila Wang (seriously, google her). This skittles green bag is perfect for adding a punch of colour to any ensemble. Also worth noting, for a polyurethane bag it does not feel overly plastic like tts 음성 데이터 다운로드.


Kitten Ears, RM15,  Bijou Bazaar @ ATLAS FEST
And just for fun, these kitten ears are the cat’s meow Windows 10 Cloud.