Having been on constant prowls for the stylish – it has become more of an instinct for us now, really – we’ve come across thousands of fashionable ladies and gentlemen who have the niche for dressing up exactly the right way. Pair that up with a natural flair for writing, we feel like they deserve a spot on our list of bloggers to watch out for. And we feel that these gems should be shared with you 답답한 새벽 다운로드!

1. Mayo Wu, Mellow Mayoness, Hong Kong

Equipped with captivating pictures and a style that is the epitome of girly chic, Mayo Wu of Mellow Mayoness is a sweet-faced lass hailing from Hong Kong. Always looking like she has just stepped out from a movie set, Mayo usually sports laces, frills, delicate hemlines and sheer chiffon apparels. We’re pretty sure that she’s the one to eye if you need a inspiration for a special date 9 download of Love Discovery!

2. Oh Angubolkul, Iconohlogy, Thailand

Oh Angubolkul of Iconohlogy has a style that will serve you a roundhouse kick in the face – of pure awesomeness. Gifted with an uncanny ability of putting together the most unlikely pieces of clothing and pulling it off with aplomb, the fashion sense that this young woman emits is impressive, and we foresee bigger things for her selenium. Just a reminder though – you saw her here first!

3. Silvia Siantar, Poise Polish, Indonesia

Citing the Proenza Schouler 1 as one of her current must haves, Silvia Siantar of Poise Polish favours runway trends, and has declared that she feels disinclined towards flats. No stranger on the Lookbook scene, Silvia’s style is made up of an interesting mirage of jewel tones and neon colours – not surprising, seeing as how she’s on the fast track to becoming the next Karla Deras Download The Masked Singer.

4. Becks Ko, Camera Film Roll, Singapore

Every now and then, it’s always fun for us to read about the other sides of a fashion blogger, and Becks Ko of Camera Film Roll provides just the right tinge of it. The Singaporean lass will take you on a day-to-day basis of her life, but at the same time, provide apt insight on how does one go about dressing for our humid weather Creon. We reckon that it’s her sweet smile that has won us over – but of course, you’d have to hop on over to find out yourself!

5. Zoe, FashiononymousBlog, Hong Kong

The fresh faced blogger of FashiononymousBlog likes to be known simply as Zoe Download Kalmuri. We like her minimalistic sense of dressing that consists of very basic apparels topped with one particularly eye-catching piece – just like icing on top of a very stylish cake. She takes us on the account of how she had come across her interesting clothing, and shares with us her lucky buys with a very gleeful smile; we suggest visiting her blog frequently for small dosages of happy cubrid_jdbc.jar.

 6. Prisca E., Mochaccino Land, Hong Kong

She doesn’t declare herself as a fashion blogger, but just a lover of food, photography and traveling, but Prisca of Mochaccino Land sure has a knack for all of the above! A lover of all hats and berets alike, Prisca emits  the vibe of a person who lives life by the phrase of carpe diem, and every ounce of it shows on her blog 신문 명조체. We recommend constant visits, because you will not only gain fashion inspiration, but maybe even rub off on her optimism a little!

 7. Mas Angelina, My Lookbooks, Malaysia

With a strong penchant for vintage clothing and accessories, Mas Angelina of MyLookbooks documents special events of her life with beautifully captured photos and brief but entertaining descriptions of the scenes that had taken place 경리나라 다운로드. However, this Malaysian blogger with big peepers makes her outfit as the highlight of her posts, and we reckon rightfully so, because she always manages to pull off the conservative and sophisticated look, but done so with a cheeky pop of colour!

8. Anastasia Siantar, Brown Platforms, Indonesia

Hailing from the land teeming of up and coming fashionistas, it isn’t easy to step up above them all and stand out with your own flair, but 22 year old Anastasia Siantar from Indonesia has managed to do just that 캐드 2012 크랙. Brown Platforms serves solely as her fashion pedestal. Her fashion picks consists of mostly bright and vivid colours to go with monochrome choices, and we think that that is an extremely fail-proof way to go!

9. Tammy Tay, Ohsofickle, Singapore

A successful boutique owner by the age of 21, Tammy Tay of Ohsofickle is no stranger to the fashion scene of Singapore. Garnering a pretty large fan base, she has gained a reputation of being stylish with a goofy demeanor, and her readers all have the same thing to say about her – that this young entrepreneur is extremely approachable and helpful, for she has come from humble beginnings and worked hard for where she stands today. What we like most about Ohsofickle is this – she designs her own clothing, and every single piece of them will be sold out in a matter of minutes. There really is no harm in fulfilling your curiosity by blog hopping to her site now, is there?

10. Karina Priscilla, Faboosh Baboosh, Singapore

Take a look at Karina Priscilla closely, and you’ll notice smidgens of old school glamour that she has incorporated into her outfits – that is the kind of style that you would find when you drop by Faboosh Baboosh. She writes with a gun, fully loaded with ammo of fashion knowledge that one could only achieve upon studying the industry intensely, which is what she does in her free time by reading up and recognizing upcoming trends and designers. If you ever need to learn about fashion and the field’s upcoming news, we reckon Karina’s blog is a good place to start as any!

Text by: Sue Lynn