For all of denim jean’s pros – versatile and timeless appeal – there also happen to be a number of cons to wearing the pants. Here we take a look at the ten most common denim fashion faux pas. These are the ten no-nos when it comes to wearing denim and you best have a read to see if you’re breaking any rules!

10. Jeans With No Back Pockets

Looking like the horror lovechild of exercise pants and jeans, jeans that lack back pockets are one of the most universally unflattering styles 보보경심 다운로드. Back pockets are actually one of denim’s greatest accessory in creating the illusion of a great butt – larger pockets will help balance out a fuller bottom while intricate designs can draw attention and flatter smaller butts. Hence, denim jeans with no back pockets can be rather harsh on the silhouette. This particular type of jeans can also be rather unforgiving on underwear worn and has surely created many unfortunate instances of visible panty line.

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9. Mom Jeans

Mischa Barton, Jessica Simpson

Although jeans are one of those closet items that withstands the test of time, not all denim styles are created equal and some should never be brought back to the mainstream Age of Emotion. Mom jeans are one of them. Unforgivably harsh on curves, mom jeans can make a slender physique appear unexplicably bulky as in the case of Mischa Barton. Women with hourglass figures like Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardarshian on the other hand suffer because of the jeans’ propensity at highlighting all the wrong curves. Can we please create an international referendum to destroying and burying mom jeans forever?

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8 Respond 1994 20 episodes downloaded. Jeans and Flip Flops

Marcia Cross, Britney Spears, Megan Fox

Denim jeans and flip-flops are both invariably associated with lazy days, hence the combination of the two spells out nothing but a sloppy disaster. Take for example, Megan Fox, who is a prime suspect at committing this fashion faux pas. Far from her put-together looks on the red carpet, candid pictures of Fox show a fondness of pairing jeans and flip flops. Perhaps this is a technical trick at downplaying her beauty, in which case it certainly works, for she looks rather dowdy and unlike the silver screen starlet who was voted the sexist woman in the world by FHM 슈퍼맨.

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7. Jeans Under A Dress

Allison Mack, Jennifer Love Hewitt

Here’s another denim trend that deserves a fiery death – jeans under dresses. Unneccessarily ruining a good dress or two, denim under frocks was the trend du jour back in the Noughties.

Lily Allen vs Cameron Diaz – who do you think looks better 타브악보?

Thankfully in our days of leggings and tights mania, ladies will never ever have to consider denim under their dresses. Drop a comment if you once partook in this fashion faux pas too!

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6. Jeggings as Jeans

Paris Hilton, Whitney Port

Now jeggings, or leggings who take the appearance of jeans, may seem like a godsend in attaining the denim look while remaining comfortable but it’s important to note that jeggings, much like leggings, are not pants. To prevent embarrassing camel toe moments, opt for longer tops or tunics that will provide coverage at the crotch area.

Jessica Alba, Heidi Klum, Sienna Miller

Take your cues from Sienna Miller rather than Paris Hilton when it comes to adopting this trend 레인보우6 다운로드.

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5. Jeans and Button-down Tops

Megan Fox, Cameron Diaz

Jeans and a white shirt often makes the list for most chic outfits, yet a button-down top with a bad fit can often lead to a really disheveled appearance. The focus is in the fit. Make sure that the jeans and top are well-fitted and not overly loose or clingy as seen above.

Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Alba

Style it up with layers to keep the look from office-bound. Otheriwse, make sure the fit is body skimming like Selena Gomez below who looks the picture of youthful chic.

Selena Gomez

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4 오븐 브레이크. Bedazzled and Deconstructed Jeans

The girls of Jersey Shore

Another denim style best buried in the annals of fashion history is bedazzled jeans. Unfortunately, the popularity of Jersey Shore has meant a resurgence in blinged out jeans. Leave it to the guidos and guidettes of Jersey to rock a style best forgotten Download war time.

Jennifer Lopez

Another denim faux pas is deconstructed jeans. There’s a case to be stated for deconstructed and dying jeans. If the denim is filled with more rips than fabric, that’s a sign you need to trash those jeans!

Audrina Patridge, Brooke Oxayna

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3 굿모닝 프레지던트 다운로드. Plumber’s Butt

Heidi Klum

Named after the common fashion faux pas seen in plumbers, the plumber’s butt really comes down to ill-fitting jeans. With today’s denim technology especially in jeans like the Levi’s Curve ID, mishaps such as these should be a thing of the past. Of course, there is always the precaution of wearing underwear!

Jennifer Garner, Melissa Joan Hart

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2 wm recorder. The Whale Tail

Alyssa Milano, Britney Spears

The whale tail is another fallback from donning ill-fitting jeans, though with the additional sneak peek at skimpy innerwear. What might have once been considered sexy in the Noughties is now simply atrociously cringe-inducing. There’s even an entire website dedicated to chronicling this fashion faux pas!

Christina Milian, Bai Ling

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1. Muffin Top

This fashion faux pas, though isn’t new by any mark, remains prevalent in current day, hence earning its number one spot on the denim fashion faux pas list. The answer to preventing this problem is actually easy enough – find a jeans that best fit your body shape – though many still seem to have problems in getting their hands on the perfect pair. Of course, a few styling tips go a long way too. Wearing a longer top that goes past the jeans waistband as well as layering up will help hide unwanted bulges.

If you find yourself grinning sheepishly at having break one of these fashion faux pas, don’t fret! Share in your biggest denim faux pas at and perhaps we can even rewrite the rules together.


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