We’ve taken Ash Be Nimble’s sportswear for a test run and we’re pretty stoked to have such great quality, locally-made sports attire at affordable rates and in fashionable cuts and designs! We couldn’t help but figure out who is behind the label and what it’s all about – Meet Hui Mathews, the Founder and Creator of Ash Be Nimble Civil Code!

Hi Hui! Tell us a bit about your background story.

Born in KL, went to kindergarten in Melbourne, back to KL for primary school where I started playing basketball at age 11, representing school up until form 4 when I left for Sydney for A-levels equivalent. Studied Finance at Sydney University and worked for 3 years in PwC Consulting – where I fell in love with the beach and traveling. I came back to KL in 2011, working at AirAsia and now at Boston Consulting. I love any type of activity but currently am deeply in love with trail running – have done 2 ultra 5okm trails and am hoping to complete a 70km this November 코코 영화.


How and when did you start Ash Be Nimble?

Always active but never ran more than 5km till I started working for an ultra fit boss at AirAsia. Team trip = Mount Kinabalu climb. Started running around Bukit Tunku (the famed double hill loop) and also Bukit Gasing & Kiara trails, and have never stopped! Did my first road race at the first Malaysia Women’s Marathon April 2013, where I saw the limited and expensive range of sports bras on sale at the expo which sparked the idea for me to start something of my own! Researched, spoke to people, procrastinated, got passionate and started selling my first sports bra one year later at the next MWM 14 March 2014! Had an amazing group of friends staying up till 4am, supporting me to get the stall ready in time, we literally had part of our stock arrive the very morning itself 반디집 맥 다운로드!

Why call it Ash Be Nimble?

If you don’t know the nursery rhyme, it’s time to buy some Mother Goose books (1901 edition, to be specific)! “Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the candlestick!”. Jumping over a candle used to be a sport, and considered good luck if the candle did not extinguish. I hope it serves as a reminder for all to keep being active. A lot of people ask me, ‘Who is Ash?’ Download youtube video from iPad. The beauty is Ash could be any boy or girl, Ashley, Ashton, Ashish, Ashanti or any other name of someone who loves a lifestyle of being fit and active! Our logo is of a fox, which is an extremely adaptable, agile and active creature!

Who’s the main face behind the clothing designs?

I am! But if there are any aspiring fitness fashion designers, do get in touch! Where are the products made and what are they mostly made of (specific fabrications)? They are made here in Malaysia and also in China 모뉴먼트 밸리 2 다운로드. Our casual RoseValley tanks are made of lycra and cotton lycra blends. The remaining apparel is made of nylon and spandex mix.


Describe Ash Be Nimble’s creative aesthetic.

I would never make anything I would be completely proud to wear myself. I base my designs on what I need for when I go running, or climbing, or fighting or traveling 크롬 swf 자동. I test everything out, and I would only make pieces I would die to wear while exercising and just to lounge around very comfortably in. AND color is everything and an absolute must! Inspiration comes from travel and fit friends and fun activities. The message behind every piece of apparel and photo and activity is to seize every opportunity you have to be fit and to be happy Download RushWars.

What kind of market do your products normally cater to?

One of the main reasons I launched this brand is because the average Malaysian on an average salary needs something below RM100 so they can afford more than a few items to keep up with their 3-4 exercise sessions a week! We’ve gotten great response from cyclers, triathletes, yogi’s, runners, fox-lovers (they love our logo!), mum’s, students, it’s been very overwhelming Download Photoshop Action!


What distinguishes Ash Be Nimble from other Malaysian sportswear brands/apparel?

It’s highly functional, fashionable and very affordable!

Describe Ash Be Nimble in 3 words.

Fitness, Fashion, Fun 블랙 클로버 57화 다운로드!

How many collections do you bring in annually and how often?

We’ve been listening intently to our customers who are very loyal and give us great feedback, so we bring in on an item-by-item basis to cater to what our girls are telling us they want! More bright colors, some black basics, different lengths! We target at least 2-3 new items every 2 months but hope to speed it up real soon.

So far, what has been your best selling product gns3 라우터 이미지 다운로드?

At first it was our Annapurna Sunrise 3⁄4 length crops – our XS sold out in 2 weeks, then our Sunday Skies sports bras, our X sold out in 2 weeks as well!

What does the future hold for Ash Be Nimble? What are your objectives for the brand?

We want to share the fun + fitness + fashion with our neighbors around Malaysia – we have inquiries from Indonesia and Singapore and Australia and Hong Kong! Also, our fit male friends are asking for some less colorful, less curvy outfits they can fit into so stay tuned for 2015, it will be bigger and better and BOLDER!


Kathryn’s Pick


1. Jungle Print Sportsbra, RM80, Ash Be Nimble.
2. Jungle Print Shorts, RM70, Ash Be Nimble.

To be completely honest, I was a bit skeptical when I selected these pieces; questioning the quality of the print and sewing. But once I had them in hand and tried them on, I was quite pleased and definitely satisfied with the results. The quality was great – I got drenched in the rain, drenched in sweat, and it still managed to absorb the moisture! Another plus point would be the fact that it dried up quicker than I had anticipated, which is just great!

My final verdict? Affordable, stylish, flattering and worth the price!

For more information, visit Ash Be nimble’s website.


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