Instant and mobile photo printing isn’t a new idea – as far back as 2013, we managed to get our hands on an LG unit! 4 years on, the HP Sprocket lands on our desk, and we’re actually pretty excited to see how far the technology has come the interview 다운로드.


HP Sprocket definitely fits in the pocket!


Setting up was easy – downloading the HP Sprocket app is required (available on Google Play and the App Store), of course, but we were up and running within a few minutes 해외 음원.

The package also comes with 10 sheets of ZINK photo papers. Now, we remember these photo papers to be quite pricey. The app handily has an option to ‘Buy Paper’, but sadly it leads to the US site with a price of USD9.99 Download the korean subtitle. A quick check on 11street comes up to RM40.00 for a pack of 20 sheets, while Lazada is offering a pack of 3 for RM120.00 범인은 바로 너 다운로드. No bulk discount there! Shipping is free, and GST is inclusive.




This means every photo you print will cost you 50 sen 간큰가족 다운로드. Palatable, but not the most affordable!

Tip: Be sure to look for those specifically branded with HP as the Sprocket only accepts the 2 x 3 inch size Download the starcraft 1.16.1 version.

We also noticed that the sheets are ‘sticky-backed’. Some fumbling led to the discovery that we can stick the printed photos anywhere we want 슈퍼밴드 음악!




Though sadly, the printing doesn’t look great on brightly-lit photos Download the pop song of memories.




The app also allows you to customise the photos before going to print Download the revised Bible! Since we were moving offices, we thought we’d put it to good use.


All sold out!


The only downside is that once you add a graphic or text onto the photo, you can’t undo it Download the hymn Bible.

Meanwhile, our favourite feature of the app is that you can send photos from several sources to print – Facebook, Instagram, Google, your device, as well as its camera. 

Fun fact: Sprocket is an actual word, which means “each of several projections on the rim of a wheel that engage with the links of a chain or with holes in film, tape, or paper”.

Didn’t get it? Neither did we 😂

Here’s an illustration:

Credit: Quora


Our verdict? Pretty handy and fun for parties and events, but don’t expect high quality prints. The device is sleek and will definitely impress the crowd!

The HP Sprocket is available on the HP official store, Lazada, and 11street at RM599 (inclusive of GST, with free delivery) in black, white, and red.



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