As a mild technophobe, anyone who knows me, knows that I’m quite resistant to switching brands when it comes to gadgets. I have been a loyalist of the Blackberry despite its infamous 1-year shelf life and abysmal selections at Blackberry World (App Store for you Apple fanboys and Google Play for the Androids), but even its nifty QWERTY keyboard and Blackberry Messenger couldn’t justify why I continued to hold on to Stone Age ideals Call 2.

I’m now on the Huawei P10, furnishing my handful of Instagram followers with professional-quality photographs when in reality, I can’t take a decent photo if my life depended on it 캐논 카메라.



How does this ‘selfie’ thing work again?


Enter honor (stylised with a lower case ‘h’), a new brand under Huawei 로직 퍼즐 다운로드. The brand has been around for several years now, but has not received this much of fanfare. Its latest release, the honor 8 Pro is marketed as a phone for gamers, and it’s no wonder why – the mobile games revenue is predicted to hit USD7 billion in Southeast Asia by 2019 초등수학문제.

For the gamers, here are some quick stats that might interest you:

  • The Kirin 960 chipset features eight processor cores – four high-performance Cortex A73 cores clocked to 2.4GHz and four low-power Cortex A53 cores clocked to 1.8Ghz 설문지.
  • The Mali-G71 includes support for the cutting-edge Vulkan graphics and compute API (application programming interface) and boosts graphic performance up to 400% Infinite Challenge Toto.
  • The new EMUI 5.1 system leverages machine learning to learn from your behavior and habits to minimise lag and ensure applications and files load smoothly Download your computer peme.

Meanwhile, I’ll pretend that I understood any of that!

And for everyone, the honor 8 Pro’s battery provides 2 days of regular use, and almost one and half days of heavy use November Boy. Available in navy or midnight blue, the device comes in an ultra-thin 6.97mm body and a 5.7-inch screen. Très sexy.




I’m not a big fan of ultra-light and ultra-thin gadgets, because I don’t have the most elegant motor coordination pscp. (Case in point: I’ve hit myself in the head with the door of a Myvi while opening it, and I’m definitely WAY taller than a Myvi.)

However, the honor 8 Pro feels surprisingly sturdy and solid – in fact, much more so than my Huawei P10 that costed over RM3,000 마지막 4중주 다운로드. The honor 8 Pro, in comparison, retails at a much more palatable RM1,999. I honestly wish that my P10 had the body of the 8 Pro.

Being a long-time Android user, the interface was fairly familiar and easy for me to use. I wouldn’t call myself a gamer, so the only apps I tried on it were the usual suspects – Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and the likes. I will also admit that I play less exciting games like Words with Friends and my guilty pleasure – Hidden City, which contains a lot of fancy graphics.

The most exciting feature I loved on the 8 Pro is also the most practical one.



Please excuse and ignore the clutter in the background.


On ‘selfie’ mode, you can take a photo by tapping the fingerprint scanner on the back. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this sooner!? Just last week, a friend (shoots friend a look dirtier than my desk) dropped my P10 while trying to take a wefie. Thankfully, only my tempered glass screen protector cracked, and my friendship remains intact.

There you have it. the honor 8 Pro is the saviour of all phones – preventer of clumsy selfies, protector of your hard-earned money, and quite possibly the new brand to look out for in the smartphone market. With the tagline ‘for the brave’, I definitely agree. It isn’t easy to switch brands when the price tags go up to 4 figures, but the honor is definitely one to look out for.

We’d love to hear from any honor users as well as gamers! Share your thoughts with us on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t be shy – be brave! 😉



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