The humble brand that is 7 Ltd has made its mark on our list of online shoe shops! Creator and founder, Joan Shunmugam, aims to produce the best quality shoes in the most stylish manner – with double cushioned soles and high-grip rubber finishing, a percentage of the profits (5%-10%) is actually donated to charitable organisations, so far, mostly no-kill animal shelters such as LASS (Lost Animals Souls Shelter).

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Without a background or any experience in the creative industry, Joan decided to start 7 Ltd with nothing but drive and passion; luckily for us, that translated into top-notch quality shoes at the best rates possible – ‘My love for heels and animals meant coming up with 7 Ltd, a socially-conscious ladies shoes business, which as a start, is channelling part of its proceeds to no kill animal shelters Download the leiover. It was a no-brainer’.

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The minute we heard about the brand, we were eager to get our hands of a pair of heels! As a result, we got together and each selected our favorite pairs of heels from 7 Ltd – ones that suit our personal style and wardrobe best!

Kathryn’s Picks

7 Ltd Kat

It’s hard to find a good pair of heels that are killer stylish yet comfortable at the same time Download Vogel2. 7 Ltd, unlike most shoe labels today, prioritises great options for working girls on the move! I picked out a pair of wooden platform wedges just because I’ve realised that I don’t really own a pair of versatile wedges that go with just about anything!

I was sold when I saw the wooden platform with a cork fabric texture as well as the illusive lace that is actually printed fabric, because the basic colours and design would go with just about anything in my wardrobe 웹게임! I tried to prove my point by pulling out a combination of colours and textures from my closet and so, I threw on a pair of pastel floral printed denim shorts from The Dude, a chiffon top with embellishment and donned on a navy cotton coat and kicked on this pair of 7’s – easy-wearing, easy-pairing!

Zoe’s Picks

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These printed, neon yellow babies were the first thing to catch my eye from the 7 Ltd store because of how bright they were; that and they were are good height 안드로이드 앱 pc. I felt compelled to take on the challenge of wearing something so loud without looking too OTT.

For my look, I wore my favourite Jon Liang crop top paired with a Zara origami skort in dark hues, and threw in the shoes for a pop of summery freshness! While I definitely won’t be able to take these shoes out everyday, it’s nice to know that when I need a pop of colour, I’ll have these as an option Melon overseas!

Amanda’s Picks


When it comes to shoes, I’m a sucker for versatile staple pieces! I’m always looking to invest in a pair of black, white or nude heels as I know I would get the best value of money since all of my outfits more or less incorporate at least one of the 3 colours fm2015 다운로드.

When I saw this simple yet classic pair of heels, I knew they were the ones for me. Although white, especially for shoes, is such a risky colour, I just couldn’t resist! The minimalistic straps, ideal height, gold detailing and not to mention the padded cushioning completely won me over! With these heels, I decided to match them with an outfit that exuded a casual yet chic appeal, and so I opted to pair them with my own cropped white top, vintage striped linen skirt and peach cat eye sunglasses 무지완 마켓. And lastly with regards to the colour scheme, I decided to play it safe and stick to the ‘Max 3 colours’ rule to ensure my #OOTD was cohesive whilst expressing my personal style.

Stephanie’s Picks

7 ltd

Shoes, shoes, shoes ppt 폰트 다운로드! My philosophy with them is that size matters, and the higher the better. A usual advocate for stilettos, I opted for a pair of sling sandals this time. Though I did not forget my roots as they were a towering five inches. I took a risk and chose the most colourful pair I could find.

I fell in love with the yellow, green and pink prisms on the fabric Ant build. Considering their height, these wedge sandals were incredibly comfortable due to their cushioned insoles and one-inch platform. Not to mention, wedges equally distribute your weight so it’s easier to maintain balance. After a while I even forgot how high they were because they were so easy to walk in. I paired the shoes with a black spaghetti and  high-waisted fuchsia denim shorts to match the shoes’ casual and playful vibe 피아노타일2. Here’s an insider trick to pull off colourful shoes: Pick clothes that are  in the colour scheme of the shoe. You’ll do just fine.

For more information on orders, designs and sales, visit 7 Ltd’s website.

Image credit: Amanda, Kathryn, Yuthika, Stephanie