We’re counting down the days to Hari Raya! Who’s with us?

Owning to our eagerness to play dress up for the festive occasion, we couldn’t resist but to share our raya picks and styling preferences with all of you! Here’s our take on how we would wear the contemporary – Baju Kurung.

Kathryn’s Picks


I’ve always loved the cream and pastel pink combo – it’s one of those duo’s that work really well, especially on tanned skin. So, for my sophisticated and luxurious look, along with the rest of the girls, I’ve selected a Baju Kurung set from Tsyahmi (RM380)– because lets face it, you can’t beat Tsyahmi when it comes down to classy Baju Kurungs 배틀 그라운드 무료 다운로드. I mean, did you see the drapes on the skirt?! Stunning!

The outfit in which I was drawn to the most was this cream V-neck, A-line top paired with the sarong-styled, draped skirt. To complement this look, and work the length, of course, I decided to don on a pair of Ving Ming’s latest killer heels (RM700) that were last seen at KLFW 2014, Hayden Koh’s runway showcase. Finally, to accessorize, luxurious or not, I felt like this Baju Kurung speaks for itself and so, I’ve kept it minimal by just wearing a pair of Stardust Crystal Drop earrings from Dipped Row (RM69) to complete my look Samsung recovery.


It seems I’ve been feeling rather pink this festive season, and as a result, my effortless chic look turned out to be a more vibrant and louder version of my sophisticated look. Keeping it casual with a long-sleeve cropped top from Topshop, I decided to go with bit more color  for the skirt which is why my pick from My Apparel Zoo is this dynamic printed skirt with an African tribal essence (RM290). To add a bit of value, and of course, a bit of Raya to my look, I wore the Savannah necklace (RM189) from Dipped Row to contribute the right amount of sparkle in which this look would lack on it’s own 짠내투어 32회. Finally, I touched up my face with a dab of Russian Red Lipstick from MAC (RM68) and blended it in with my fingers to achieve a plump and natural look  – Why can’t we wear this stuff all day, everyday?

Zoé‘s Picks


I’m a monochrome kinda gal and I’m not afraid to admit it, so while the girls and I were browsing Tsyahmi’s website and I saw this Baju and Kain combo (RM450) I knew deep in my gut that this was the outfit for me. When it arrived at our doorstep, I nearly screamed for joy. Long, flowy and luxurious to the touch, this Raya outfit is my favourite yet! The straight silhouette and flared skirt will help me look good while I hide the food baby I plan on getting throughout the Raya week 소리엘 찬양! It’s perfect! For added elegance and a little bit of glam, I snapped on a pair of black earrings from Dipped Row (RM49) and gave myself a shimmery gold lip. Who knew looking good would be that easy? (Thanks Tsyahmi!)


I’ve not been to too many yet, but I know that one should definitely be comfortable when attending Raya open houses. For my casual day option, I chose a blue African Angolan printed skirt (RM290) from My Apparel Zoo paired easily with a basic white t-shirt Download the Google Drive file. I threw over a cottony dark blue shirt for layers and added a chunky, beaded necklace for some simple, feminine elegance and finished the look with a bright pink lip for an added pop of colour to the face. I liked this look because it  mixed both casual and sophisticated pieces that came together better than I expected.

Amanda’s Picks

Raya Look 1

Ever since pastel made its mark in fashion, we’ve been inseparable! There’s something so demure and delicate about the colours that makes me want to wear it all the time (when given the opportunity)! When browsing through Tsyahmi’s Raya 2014 collection, my eyes locked with this gorgeous green and white 2-piece set (RM400) java blob 파일 다운로드. The silhouette was sleek, clean and had a distinct element of modernity, making it ever-so versatile! On top of the aesthetics, the somewhat flared cut of the top alongside the lightweight silk fabric ensured the pieces were super comfortable and airy against my skin. For accessories I felt that a simple crystal statement necklace would do the trick! When I first saw Dipped Row’s Jules statement necklace (RM182), I knew it would be the perfect addition to not only this outfit, but also many future #ootds to come! The design was intricate yet not too busy that it ruined the minimalistic feel of the overall look. And lastly to complete my look, I added my new pair of heels from 7LTD (RM189) and a touch of peach on my lips, injecting a fresh and girly vibe for the festive season Chrome exe file!

Raya Look 2

For my casual chic Raya outfit, I decided to stray away from the delectable pastels and try out some bright, bold shades! Out of the lot, this My Apparel Zoo skirt (RM290) had me at hello. On top of the vibrant colour combination, quirky print and fresh cut, the 2 front pockets made the skirt even more fun and practical, making it just too irresistible to not love! Due to the eye grabbing colours and print of the skirt, I opted to keep the top half simple by pairing it with my plain black crop top from Zara and black suede wedges from Tony Bianco 피싱 앱. Finally to ensure that my outfit wasn’t entirely focused on the bottom half, I threw in a dash of red on my lips and my favourite Mayan Sun earrings from Dipped Row (RM45).

Stephanie’s Picks

Steph 1

When I found out we would be wearing Tsyahmi for this Raya editorial, I was over the moon! Tsyahmi’s EID 2014 collection is luxurious traditional Raya wear at its best. I picked out their ‘Liyana’ ensemble in Violet Ivory (RM380) because it was so simple yet so stunning 더 바인딩 오브 아이작 애프터버스! The top was a bell-sleeved kurung in pale lavender and I loved the line-stitched panel detail on its v-neckline. The ensemble also came with a mermaid kain kurung in ivory white. To be honest, I was a bit worried this kain kurung wouldn’t look to flattering on me since because the colour and satin material can be quite unforgiving on pear body shapes such as mine – but I was surely mistaken! (Yay for positive body image!) I accessorised the look with a simple yet classy Long Petal Necklace from Dipped Row (RM45) and classic black pumps from Ving Ming (RM480) 영화 좀비랜드. Voila! Ready for Raya 2014!

steph 2

Either it was pure coincidence or the stars were aligned when I bought my Maatin Shakir maxi skirt the same week we had the shoot for the Raya editorial. I got the skirt at the designer block sale for only RM100! –  What a steal! I decided to make the skirt the centre piece for my second Raya look so I stuck to simple basics like a plain black tube top and a vintage cream blazer. I pulled my hair back into a sleek bun and went with a geometric gold choker to keep the look clean and minimalistic. Now all I need is someone to invite me for some Raya open houses so I can wear this out!


Thanks Dipped Row, Tsyahmi, Ving Ming and My Apparel Zoo for your beautiful accessories and garments! Selamat Hari Raya to all of you!

Text credit: Kathryn Rao + Zoé Ng + Amanda Ong + Stephanie Boey
Image credit: Kathryn Rao + Zoé Ng + Amanda Ong